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RE: are dual helm stations really needed

All depends on where you boat. If you are somewhere warm with a nice breeze you'll love to be on a flybridge, seeing everything around for miles. If on the other hand the weather had turned cool or wet, a lower station definitely shows it's advantages. Abit depends on the boat, can you find your slip backing into your slip from inside ? If not, the flybridge might been you friend. But if you need to leave the helm to help get a line on the dock...then being downstairs is a plus. There is no right answer for everyone, but for me I like the options. In the SF Bay it can be cool and windy, but up in the delta I'm looking forward to the open flybridge.

Good luck and let us know where you land...

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RE: are dual helm stations really needed

If on the other hand the weather had turned cool or wet, a lower station definitely shows it's advantages

ASk me about our early April trip from Rockport Maine to CT, if you want an opinion on the virtues of inside steering.

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RE: are dual helm stations really needed

markpierce wrote:
Dual-helm stations sounds like a lot of duplication and double expense: helm (wheel), engine controls and instruments, radio, as well as*displays for*depth-finder, GPS, auto-pilot, radar, etc.*

Yes, dual helms add to the cost of the boat.* That said, we operate our boat almost all the time from the upper helm.* Better vision of course, but mostly because we enjoy the outdoors and we boat in good weather.* From up top, you see the birds, the fish, the dolphins in your wake, etc.

The weather can turn bad and/or we might need/want to move the boat in colder weather, that's where the lower helm comes in.* So far, it's been used twice.* Once when we first bought the boat and moved it to the marina in late February, and once when we were on a trip and it began to rain.

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are dual helm stations really needed

FF wrote:If on the other hand the weather had turned cool or wet, a lower station definitely shows it's advantages

ASk me about our early April trip from Rockport Maine to CT, if you want an opinion on the virtues of inside steering.
OK - FF!* Please, do tell me all about your trip from Rockport ME to CT... Im VERY interested, what year was it?*

Its been over four decades since I plied those Atlantic waters.* That was the last time I came up to ME by ocean from NY.* For years, usually with family or others, I used to do that jaunt annually around midsummer ya just gotta luv that while growing up.* At age 14, summer 1966, I took my 1964 13 foot 3 inch*Boston Whaler equipped with full dodger with window, back cover etc, and three 6 gal gas tanks running a 1963 40 hp Johnson from LI NY to Camden ME and back!* Although we separated and I slept in the Whaler, Pop was on the same course with a 38 foot, SD hull, single 180 TC HP Perkins, 1951 custom built wooden raised deck Sport Fisher / Cruiser.* For my safety, we ran a plan to touch base in Boston Harbor while traveling by ocean in each direction, which we accomplished, as well as meeting in Camden!

BTW:**Back In The DAY!!!* Early 70's I lived in Rockport, arrived there by ocean from LI NY in Summer 69.* While I was still very young (18/19 yr drinking laws back then)... I ended up owning 51% of a lease option on an abandoned garment factory (been closed down for 7 years, but the building had great bones) in Camden; and with a 49% local partner we built, owned and operated a Real Rowdy Pub/Restaurant in central Camden, i.e. "The Hunter".* We gutted 210 classic commercial Singer sewing machines, all the work tables and many walls.* Then, with lots of youngster town helpers, we refinished the buildings interior and exterior and then built it all... every table, a kitchen, the huge game room filled with pin ball, foosball, pool table etc, band stand, dance floor, M/F bathrooms, huge walk-in cooler (it held 35 kegs plus food our taps went through over 50 kegs in the best week!), 45 foot gull wing bar with 5 tap Perlick keg cooler system smack in the middle!* Anheuser Bush was our main supplier of beer (at first we had no hard liquor license, but we did serve some wine for the ladies our rowdy customers loved to guzzle beer though).* Back then the laws allowed Bush to provide us with many $Thousands in equipment as long as we kept them as the top product line and boy did they ever throw $$$ into our Pub!* Albert and I (bless his sole, he passed in 1994) opened that Big Bad Baby May 71, seating capacity 210 / total cap 300.* The Hunter was an instant success; Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and surrounding area had been basically dry before The Hunter came alive! ... On the eve we opened we used our absolute last $110 to start the till. *Although wed advertised well for a couple of weeks in the Camden Herald paper, we were nervous a sht! *At closing time, on the kitchens center work table, (Ill never forget it!) Albert and I counted over $2,700 CASH from our very first night.* The Hunter had been packed!!* News of the new rowdy pub spread fast.* Towns from Bangor up north to well south of Rockland came in to Camden to drink in The Hunter, the NEW Party Bar.* I hired two BIG bouncers.* There were lines well out the door all night; lobstermen, fishermen, wood cutters, construction workers and many others who loved to guzzle beer! *Within a month of our opening, Camden police department actually moved their HQ into the basement of town hall which was adjacent to our Pubs parking lot.* I never did find out if that had been previously planned or it was due to our wils Bar???* Our Pub even had a few ocean fishermen who would come up out of Glouster Mass after a big haul commercial trip and slap a grand on the bar, saying... Let me know when thats gone I got plenty more!* Theyd get fd-up drunk until their next fishing trip.* Then theyd show back up do it all over again!!* Man... That was a great beginning to my biz life, what a learning experience.* Ive been working for myself ever since. **We brought in fledgling*bands from Boston... and that summer was wild!!* Our week days/nights were always profitable and weekend nights consistently brought in thousands in profits.* For 1971 that kind of profit was unheard of in Camden Maine!* We paid off every business-building debt by August of that first summer (of course out debt was pretty low because wed built it ourselves).* Still had payments on the building though. **At end of that great summer, in early September, a local young guy with plenty of inherited loot, whod had his eves on it, asked me if I wanted to sell my majority share of the business.* Albert my orig partner knew him and they got along well.* Now remember, Im a NYr and not from Camden!* We three agreed and I sold my full 51% at great profit.* Bought a Super Sport convertible 1967 Chevy Malibu and cruised the U.S. for a couple years... just to learn what this country has to offer.* Damn glad I did and Ive never looked back... except for the sweet memories!* That pub/restaurant business went through gyrations for years (couple decades).* Many different biz names and many different owners.* Last I noticed, years ago, the building has been cut up / Pizza restaurant / clothing store / and ???.* But the memories... ahhhh the memories... they simply last forever!!!*

Also, while I lived in Rockport/Camden, I Cruised Penobscot Bay.* Pulled lobster traps with fisher buddies...*Partied on the*islands.* Still own property in Camden... so does my son.* And, I have a brother living in Thomaston.

Again, Please, do tell me all about your trip from Rockport ME to CT... Im VERY interested, what year was it?*

Best days To Ya! Art


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RE: are dual helm stations really needed

Another advantage of each is that, when single-handing, the lower helm (and starboard door) make it much easier to dock and tie up. The flybridge is quieter underway.

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