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RE: Dock Lines (Spinoff from Labeling Lines)

nomadwilly wrote:
RsPM *.....I thought of that Don ha ha.

*Be careful, Eric.* You're working pretty hard up there.

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Dock Lines (Spinoff from Labeling Lines)

nomadwilly wrote:
Don, David, Marin and many others there's no such thing as floating docks. Floats are floats and docks are docks. And while I'm at it there's no such thing as rpms. Revolutions per minute's? It's what happens in ONE minute. That's the point. *
The docks thing probably depends on where you are and who you're talking to.* The Port of Bellingham calls all the floating platforms in their marinas that you secure boats to "docks."* Or "fingers" if they are specifically talking about the things that form the individual slips.* Their "floating platforms" are even labeled that way--- F-Dock, G-Dock, etc.

The Washington State Parks people refer to floating platform things that are not secured to a shoreline as*"floats."* For example the*"float" in Reid Habor on Stuart Island which can*accomodate several boats but is anchored out in the bay.* But floating platform things that ARE secured to the shoreline the Parks Department calls "docks."

I prefer the term "float" but since 99% of the people around here have no idea what you're talking about when you use the term, and ask you "What's a float?" I tend to use the term dock because then they know what I'm talking about right off the bat.

As to RPM you are absolutely correct technically and*gramatically but not realistically.* What happens is that people-- particularly non-engineers, which is most of us---*use the term RPM as a singlular noun.* It's wrong but that's what everybody does.* So since an engine turns more than one rpm (usually) they make the "noun" plural.* So you get 600*RPMs or whatever.* Interestingly enough, when these same people say the name rather than the acronym, they usally say "revolutions per minute."

So you're absolutely correct but trying to get people to change is going to be like trying to piss against a hurricane and not get wet.


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RE: Dock Lines (Spinoff from Labeling Lines)

I'm reformed; now using "RPM" instead of "RPMs."*

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