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Assuming you wash up somewhere in the PNW, you will need to start a fire to avoid hypothermia and get a search plane's attention.

And also fight off a pack of wolves or a bear
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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
In case why not just pack a chain saw and get it over with?

I'll play the odds thanks. And I think I'd save the space and weight that an axe would take up for another EPIRP, more water, energy bars, etc.

The likelyhood of anybody here needing an axe in their ditch bag if they every have to abandon ship is pretty small. Even the folks in Alaska are more likely to burn drift wood they find on a beach then cut down trees.

As to paddling up to a Ritz Carlton goes, where I do most of my boating these days, that's not to far fetched. There is at least a good likelyhood there might be a beach bar near by.
The ax is if you don't carry a handgun in the bag when cruising Alaska.

You hit one of your crew in the leg as the brown bear is you a slight advantage... all survival kits...they come in pocket sized like the Boy Scouts make you devise as a youngster...all the way up to pretty snazzy liferaft packages with full electronic suites....

ANYTHING at some point could be useful...adjust accordingly. I gave up my axe for a hooker in a fur coat....much more versatile in a survival situation...something learned after 4 military survival schools.

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That's what a dive knife is for as well.

Stab your buddy to distract the shark as you swim back to the boat.
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For what it's worth, the axe is a small one and weighs less than a pound. Being that compact and light weight is good for a ditch back, IMHO....

I also keep an extra (charged) 18650 battery in a small waterproof match holder to double the time I have on the flashlight (an updated T20C2) with signalling and low light output for 2+ weeks runtime on low. if you wanted more redundancy, stick a couple of fresh CR123 batteries in there, since they have a 10 year shelf life.
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Someone mentioned v-sheet. No idea what that is, but survival blankets are high on my list. They're in the dinghy, car, cabin...everywhere I go.


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