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Hey don't think I'll not check this boat out and make it run down the coast.
I've had hundreds of boats and fix and sell them, but now retired or maybe I'll work again. This boat is for fun. Three friends and my girlfriend might go. She most likely -but them who knows. Cuttyhunk I might be giving you a call. This is an adventure. I will work on it in May and plan when its nice.
Yes I hate fog and don't like going at night. So might be who goes can't be in a hurry, because I'm not. I could take years but wont. Because I want to be down in Marathon fishing and diving. I'll bring my snuba incase I have to dive to get that trap out of my prop. One thing that might stop you from going is it only is a single screw, but on the good side is my girlfriend is a hotty and looks great in a bikini, but the sun is down in marathon.

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Now you are making some sense buddy! The single screw doesn't frighten me. If we can get the engine past a complete sea trial, count me in. I have quite a bit of experience in fog. If you cruise much in New England, as I have, you have to be able to navigate in fog. You never plan to leave in fog, but you cannot avoid it. It can be clear one minute and completely cover you five minutes later. If you have a good autopilot, a good plotter, a horn that works and a good radar, we would be just fine. Like you, I don't travel at night. Night is for eating lobster and drinking island drinks. Ask your girl friend to bring her coconuts and a blender? Also like you, I have all the time in the world. Count me in!

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Just the fact that the OP asked for "directions" tells me something.

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