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Dickinson Antarctic Heater.

It wasn't working right. Long story short - new kit for metering valve etc. Cleaned entire unit, again. Last evening restarted the stove per instructions from the Company. Prior to lighting, I adjusted the flow valve. Lighted the stove. All was working great, for a time. Then there was a subtle "pop" I turned & looked at the stove & it started roaring!!! I reached down & turned the control knob to off - nothing happened. Quickly I went to the electric panel & turned of the fuel pump off. Again, nothing changed!! By this time we have FIRE within the stove chamber!!! I waited a moment to see if the fuel would stop flowing, Again, nothing changed!!! I then went into the engine room & turned the supply valve off. Fuel stopped flowing, the fire went out.

Here is what I was grateful for: a) Fire extinguisher away from the stove. b) A wife that responded to instructions without wanting an explanation. In that she took the dogs & got off the boat post haste. c) Clear access to the engine room hatch.

NOTE: Tested the valve & pump switch prior to relighting the heater. All worked as designed.

Today, I'll start the trouble shooting.

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Sounds like it over filled the pot. The excess fuel needed to burn off before the fire would slow down.

I had a Colman heater that had a similar fire pot. It must have been undersized as it needed to run full bore ... in Juneau. It "roared" all the time. Roaring isn't that unusual.


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Is the overflow line hooked up and not plugged or capped?
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Spy - Little more complicated -- the overflow is fine. What I found out was the Heater is much older than everyone thought. After a call to Dickinson, I was informed the re-build kit is for a much newer heater. So the bottom line is - I have to buy a new valve.

Manyboats - You bet there was excess fuel & it just kept coming. Dickinson stopped making the valve over 30 years ago. The dang thing worked fine until I moved the metering valve to a "3" position for more heat. Smoke soot galore.

One more thing I went to school about. Thanks for the reply fellas. Tonto.
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All the pot burners need to be warm enough to evaporate the entering fuel .

On start up you have to take a peek at the flame.

If its yellow its burning the surface fuel, like a smudge pot.WAIT!

If its blue and NOT down in the pot chamber , you are set for the rest of the winter.

I was a dealer when the Singer valves got too expensive and they created their own metering valve.

I prefer the older Singer ,for numerous reasons.

The fuel used does matter,

Oil Metering Valves - Dickinson Marine | Fisheries Supply


Burning #1 diesel (stove oil) will allow 25% more fuel, and burning kerosene will allow 50% more fuel, to flow through a "D" calibrated oil-metering valve.
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