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Deep Dropping

I want to start deep dropping for like Queen Snappers, Groupers ETC. Is any body doing this if so what are you using for equipment? I saw this advertisement but the prices are quite varied! Electric Fishing Reels by FISH WINCH - FISH WINCH

Place Order

- Electric Fishing Reels -

3 Year - Mechanical
1 Year - Electrical
(Reel not included)
1 Year - Mechanical
90 Day - Electrical
$279.99 - $1559.99
(Reel not included)
Precision Auto Reel
1 Year - Limited
90 Day - Electrical
(Reel not included)
Dolphin Electreel
1 Year
$519.99 - $1929.99
(Reel not included)
1 Year
(Reel not included)

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Maybe hang around the fuel docks by the inlets and ask around. I've been in Stuart this week on the inside of a fuel dock. I've watched 5 or 6 commercial guys come in for diesel and they have the equivalent of what looks like electric downriggers. I asked one about deep fishing and he said "get real crankie". Maybe it was the accent, but need less to say I walked away. I just looked on line and there is a Real Crankie. Who would have thought and at a $150, cheaper than what's above if you just want to try it out.


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I've used the Lindgren-Pitman and Dolphin units on other people's boats. Everybody I've talked eith said the cheap units are a waste of money in the long run.
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You want to learn about deep-dropping, which I do regularly, and I am "lurking" here to learn about trawlers. One of my dream "trawlers" is your 44+5! ...let's talk.
I use a Kristal 721 on a bent-butt rod. It is an easy way to catch some NICE dinner. Once you have the equipment, all you need is to keep squid, barracuda, or bonito in the freezer. I started with an electra-mate which did the job for smaller fish in shallower water. A 49lb. grouper finished off that reel!
I'm very curious if more people deep-drop from a trawler.
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Welcome aboard. We DO need another fishing expert...

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We do a lot of deep drop fishing out of Venice. Normally less than 1000 feet, but have been to 3000. I use a bandit rig. At least 4 lbs of weight on a chicken rig (4 or 5 16/0 hooks on a 250 lb leader. Load it up befor you pull it up.) and like they say "no light no bite" Squid is good bait but I like a big chunk of AmberJack. Barricuda is also good. Barrell fish live in colonies on mud bottom in burrows so if you find one others are close by. Groupers like structure so you will need a VERY good bottom machine, at least 1000 watt, 2000 watt is much better and will help you find the places they live. Mostly just do it, learn, get some excellent tablefare and have fun.
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Deep Dropping

I deep drop all the time with my uncle over in the Bahamas, we Daiwa electric reels. We typically drop 1000ft for yellow eyes and queens, We use a 10lb lead or rebar and a chicken rig. Can't forget the light too, you need a good sounder to find the fish also. We use squid for bait. LP's are nice but very bulky, but for swording, dredges, and wahoo they're great.
Thanks, Oliver
M/V Oliver
Nordhavn 47 Hull #12
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Take a look at Hooker Electric . The Ultimate Electric Fishing Reels and Products
They recently loaned me one to swordfish with. Very impressive reel.
Hooker Electric is a small family owned business. If you have any questions, just give them a call. Really nice people making very high quality products.
Parks Masterson
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Wataworld, I just noticed you're in Ft lauderdale. Hooker is located in Ft. Lauderdale. Stop by and talk to "The Madam". Tell her I sent you.

Parks Masterson
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