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Deck wash advice.

When we purchased our boat, the PO had removed the deckwash and associated plumbing and hardware. He didn`t give a reason. He did leave the pump though (in a bucket in the lazarette) - an engine driven pump with an electric clutch. It was the original because all the wiring is still there. The mounting bracket is still there too.

So I have a quandary. Refurbish it and reinstall, or fit a electric deck wash pump.

Assuming there is not too much wrong with the original, it would give a large volume of water at the anchor - great for the mud we have in Moreton Bay, plus with a bit of cunning plumbing it could be used as an additional bilge pump. However it cannot be controlled by a nozzle at the bow - when its turned on its going flat out, plus because its 3/4inch it needs larger hose and fittings so the flow isn`t restricted.

An electric uses garden hose size pipe and fittings and would be easier to fit, esp running the hose from the ER to the bow PLUS it can be controlled at the bow with a nozzle.

If the consensus is for an electric - and I guess I am leaning a bit that way, any recommendations on capacity - ie Litres/gals per minute and brand would be appreciated. Anything to be careful of? If electric is the winner, would it be worth while fitting the engine driven anyway purely as a bilge pump.

IG 36 Europa
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Having used both systems, I would go with the engine driven pump
with the electric clutch.
The smaller hose will restrict the flow somewhat but should
still match or beat the electric.


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I would install an electric wash down pump and set up the belt driven pump as an emergency bilge pump. I'm assuming that the belt driven pump is at least 1". You could be very glad to have that in an emergency.
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4-5 gpm electric pump.
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Do you want to fire up the main every time you want to squirt the deck?
You got a dog?
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Nobody ever said, "I wish I had less pressure and volume from my wash down hose".

Mine is a 6 to 7 gallon per minute 70 psi electric pump. Lots of volume and pressure. Don't skimp on the hose from pump to faucet. Frictional line loss can significantly reduce flow and pressure on longer runs. I have 3/4" hose for that 50' run with great results.

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A deck wash that can blast of mud is a great delight.

A good setup is pri$y so perhaps easier to justify with extra benefits.

An engine driven 2 inch pump will put out over 100+GPM about right for an emergency bilge pump.

A thru hull to feed the deck wash and a Y valve to a big surface area strum box would be a great addition to any vessel.

Also good for 4th of July fun , or just keeping the jet skiers away.

To cool the deck at sunset a dinky 12v unit will do the job.
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If you do a search on 'anchor washdown', you should find threads with lots of good info. Just click the link at the bottom of this post.

Years ago, I installed a 12V Jabsco 4 GPM pump, a recessed canister with hose and brass nozzle mounted at the bow and switched at the lower helm. It's not the most powerful, but the pressure builds within 10 secs. I've never come home with mud on the anchor.

BTW, I anchor regularly for fishing....often 5-7 times per day, 3-6 days per month.
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Continuous Pressure: 2000PSI (138Bar) Flow Rate: 6.2L/min

Im about to hard fit a 240v small high pressure washer 2000 PSI 6L/Min hooked up to our fresh water for deck washing as I hate the salt build up around the deck and windows when away from the marina
Just a thought
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Mine is electric, 4 gpm, piped to the bow and to the stern. I recently used my 2.5gpm power washer, pressure washed the docks I was tied to, through 2 full tanks of gas, without stressing the pump.
I usually use it to keep the decks clean, get the mud off the chain as it comes in, hose out the dinghy after hauling prawns, etc.
The inexpensive electric pump is completely adequate. You don't need to spend lots of money to rehab the mechanical pump and have to start up every time you want water on deck.
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In my mind the pump you found in a bucket shouldn't be relied upon as a backup emergency pump. The electric clutch is the weak point. Install the separate electric Washdown pump. If you want a back up belt driven bilge pump get the belt driven pump with the manual clutch lever. Even a Rube Goldberg extension lever is preferable to an electric clutch imho.

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