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Cruising Thoughts

I was reading logs of our first cruise south from CT to FL. The year was 2011 and although we were experienced boaters we were newbies to the snowbird life and had never made a cruise of this length before. Our boat was a 36 foot 1984 Grand Banks Classic. Aboard was myself, wife Jackie and 3 dogs. Below are some of the things we learned that might give you a few laughs. Enjoy and feel free to add some of your own tidbits. Happy Holidays to all.

Things We've Learned on Board
by Jackie and Howard

• Shipping a failing Benmar autopilot from Washington, DC via FEDEX to California for repair costs $200, shipping it back cost $148, finding out it is beyond repair, priceless.
• Having an autopilot retrofitted to a manual clutch costs $172. Having it reinstalled costs $400. Learning what the first tech did for $200 was useless makes us want to say foul words (we did).
• It is possible to take a shower onboard and only use 4 ounces of water.
• Timing isn't "everything," the weather is.
• South of NJ, people get friendlier
• It is possible to ask a stranger in a strange town where a super market is and they drive you there; and then they ask you what else you need.
• Landlubbers are absolutely fascinated by folding bicycles. So much so that I had to fold it for one of them.
• The police are so busy in Solomon's Island that I was stopped when I was throwing away garbage and asked if it was mine. Guess they have a garbage theft epidemic.
• The refrigerator gets bigger if you shop less.
• No matter how big the wee wee pads are, the dogs will find the edge.
• Having ice is a good thing
• Coffee tastes better on board. There's a thing called a coffee maker; Starbucks can whistle Dixie waiting for us now.
• Underwear can be turned inside out more than once. (Joking.)
• The change machine in the laundromat now accepts $20 bills.
• A manicure. Where the heck does Jackie get a manicure? HELP!!!
• After a rain, you can dry the dinghy all you want; you will still have a wet behind.
• Yes, we have TV and there is life beyond the cable. (What did we miss on Boardwalk Empire?)
• We still need the microwave
• Jackie's famous noodle pudding is doable on board and it lasts for days.
• Don't run out of toilet tissue.
• If something doesn't operate properly, you won't sleep because you are thinking about it constantly
• The more you sleep at anchor, the easier it becomes.
• You can make everyone on a tour boat wave at the same time--- just wave first. And, the Japanese tourists will take your picture.
• Where the heck did I put the extra bottle of vodka?
• Howie, don't wear that hat to the boat show it's too windy; it will blow off into the water. No it won't! Yes it did. (Some nice guy rescued it.)
• It's hard to find a propane refill station; most are "exchange" places. You can't exchange anything other than a 20 lb. tank. Eat out more often.
• Dock lines can't be too long.
• No matter how much clothes you have, you wear whatever is at the top of the drawer. Jackie may not, but I do.
• Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. (Should be a song like that.)
Love to all, Jackie and Howard

Magic, 1996 Grand Banks Europa
Westport, CT and Stuart, FL
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Thanks for the compliment (#5). Yep, rare to find propane refills today. I'm refitting ours from the small 5lb canisters to 20lb just for that 'swapping' reason

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Great list. One thing we learned from our first trip down the ICW to the keys was to take your time. Next time we are planning to spend multiple days at some stops to make it feel less like a delivery! Happy Holidays!! If all the Stars stay aligned we plan to head back down next Fall. 2019
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When did you learn shoes were pilferable items?
Buffalo Bluff Light 28
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