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Question Cruisers age

After five years afloat we returned to dirt dwelling. Now we're thinking about another boat but some people are saying that we might be getting to old to start out again. I was wondering ages of cruisers out there or other cruisers you have met along the way. I am in good health and still think I've got it all together. So what's to old ? 60-70-80-?

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Greetings. Just took delivery of a new to me boat and completed a voyage of some 15 days and almost 550 Kim's. age of crew, skipper 76, Shared captain 73. Get on with it and enjoy. Bill

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Who cares how old you are only as old as you feel. As long as the rubber feet on my walker don't get stuck in the bat ramp I figure I will be on boats. My best bud turned 70 on a double hand trip across the N.pacific / Bearing Sea on a non stop Tokyo to Dutch Harbor cruise. We knew a guy that was 80 as he headed out to do the coconut run across the Pacific. He died between New Zealand and Mexico... he was happy as a school kid when he left.. what a great ending!.
Just do what makes you happy, most of the time people ( or family ) who say " your too old for that" are either selfish or chickenshit.
Just do it.
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As a fellow floating wrinkly, I try not to spend too much boat time guessing how much is left.
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Too old to cruise is when:
1. You physically and/or mentally can't do it anymore
2. You either can't or chose not to pay someone to maintain your boat is a seaworthy condition and/or safely drive the boat.
3. You are burned out from some of the repetitive nature of some types of cruising.
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Originally Posted by gonesailing13 View Post
After five years afloat we returned to dirt dwelling.
Not to offer a contrary opinion as I agree with the above answers wholeheartedly. However...

What made you decide to return to dirt dwelling after 5 years afloat?

Perhaps answering that question would provide the answer you seek.


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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