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After we do a long run and are in a marina, we close up the windows, fire up the A/C and hose the boat down, top to bottom twice. Full wash with soap once a month minimum, before a big trip, after a big trip, or after a heavy spray run which has not happened yet with our current boat.
Read> Washing Down: Boat Maintenance and Repairs
No teak decks!!!
Our bilge is always wet from conventional shaft packing and A/C drains.

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Looking at beaucoup pictures of boats I see quite a few with rusty engines. Makes me wonder first about maintenance, then 'did a saltwater hose break and spray the engines?
What do you do to keep the engines clean and not rusty? I remember in my oil patch days the derrick hand would first wash the mud pumps then spray them with diesel. That really kept them clean and shiny, but don't think the EPA or CG would approve.

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Wire brush and paint.
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Or not worry too much...some rust on the outside like on every commercial boat I have run doesn't affect performance...and they outlast most of my friends spic and span boats....

Sure I like yachty to a point...but from my experience a lot of effort can go wasted based on some inevitable things. Having enough experience teaches you what they are.

I am still learning but I see a lot of weekenders spending time doing stuff that really doesn't matter in the long run unless they do it perfectly, everytime, all year....

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