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Cost of "Top to Bottom" rebuild Ford Lehman 120 hp

For two years I have been fighting a lubrication problem on my F.L. After several "band-aid" fixes it was determined, by top rated professionals, that it had to come out.

It had less than 5,000 hours on it. It was not getting oil to the top end of the engine. The ports had been cleaned, new rocker shafts installed and a number of other attempts at repair. All for naught. Twenty to thirty hours of use would find the pushrods loose, out of place and beyond adjusting.

The final diagnosis was that the cam had been damaged in addition to other problems. To properly seat the cam bearings the engine needs to be on a bench, therefore, out it comes.

The rebuilder, A highly recommended, very competent shop in Green Bay Wisconsin estimated 55 hours for the removal and replacement. Seemed too high to me, especially at $135.00 an hour, plus travel time. My marina has some very reliable mechanics and the estimated less than 40 hours for the job, at $75.00 an hour, so I went with them.

The engine came out in 10 hours, went back in in about the same amount of time, Total in and out was $1,800.00

The parts for the rebuild were $8,438.00. Most came from American Diesel, some came from Bomac. I checked prices myself and in most cases I was not charged any "up charge" on the prices.For example, I had told the rebuilders that I didn't want to spend $500 for a new started and they found one for half that.

Everything in the engine was either replaced or carefully checked against specs. I only needed one piston which was $186.00, The other 5 pistons were reused, that is about the only parts reused.(Plus the crank)

I can provide anyone who is interested an actual copy of the invoice but I will hit on a few of the more expensive line items:
1. Camshaft $270
2. Raw water pump 645
3. Rockers, left 1,145
4. Rockers, right 1,145
5. Shipping 418
6. Machine shop 820
7. Starter 270
8. Tax (Wisconsin) 985

Grand Totals:

Engine "In and Out" $1,800
Labor 9,183
Parts 8,438
Tax 984

Grand Total $20,405.00

Time away from boating? July

Could I have gotten by cheaper ? Probably, but what would be the trade-Off?
Am I glad I did it ? Yes, but twenty thousand is still twenty thousand.
How does it run? Unbelievable!!
Why didn't I go with a new Yanmar or other new engine? For one reason, I didn't want a tier 4 or tier 5 engine, too complicated and not my style. Also the cost would have been about $40,000 for the engine, 5 - 10 thousand for the tranny and probably 5 - 10 thousand for a installation adaptations, new shaft and prop. Just too expensive.
Why didn't I get a long block? Don't believe everything you hear about a long block or one of the rebuilt engines from Bomac for $10,000.For one thing you are not certain of what is new and what is not. Shipping could run you another thousand or two. Also warranty questions.

That puts me into my 1978 Albin, counting all other upgrades at around $65,000.
Will I ever get it back out? VERY doubtful! Miracles do happen, but rarely to me. Besides that, It is not for sale and probably will not be for sale for a number of years yet.


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Glad you are satisfied with the rebuild. Hope you enjoy your new engine for many years to come.

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Put lots of hours on it before the warranty period expires. Hopefully it will give you many trouble free years.

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Did they grind the crankshaft?
New harmonic balancer?
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