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Coolant recovery bottle overflowing

Been able to get to the boat twice in the past month. First time, I noticed that the coolant was to the top and overflowing the Westerbeke (WMD 7.7) bottle. I drew out a good amount with a turkey baster and replaced the top. I returned a few weeks later, ran the genny for about an hour and found the bottle full and overflowing again. I haven't added any coolant between these incidents. Any ideas?

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Is this a change out of nowhere or was the coolant recently changed out?
When you take the cap off the coolant header tank, cold engine, is it full to the top?
Borrow a pressure tester and test the coolant system.

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As Archie asked, coolant in expansion tank?

Head gasket leak?

Bubbles in tank when running?
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Other questions:
Any bubble in the header while running?
Any color change?


Oups just saw psneel post above with same question
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Check your heat exchanger
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If your coolant is becoming contaminated as well as overfull it is likely that your heat x-changer is leaking raw water over to the coolant side.
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Normal for a few ounces on that little machine to go into bottle at heat up. But only a few ounces. More than that and something is up.
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Heat exchanger. If you have saltwater in the coolant, it's a given. HX failure isn't uncommon, my Westerbeke has just under 4000 hrs, I'm on my 3rd HX. My 2nd was a Sendure, don't think it was cupro-nickel.

Pressure test the cooling system, to confirm.

Lenco will have a replacement. If you're in salt water, go for the cupro-nickel. Got the replacement for my Westerbeke from them, good product, reliable service, price is more reasonable than an OEM exchanger.
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Rain water dripping into the bottle?

Did you confirm the bottle stayed low between removal and running it again?
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Might want to start with a new Rad cap.

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