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Originally Posted by ulysses View Post

Just wondering what water test was performed and how it was collected.
I keep a potable water test kit onboard that I got from my watermaker supplier. It has proven to be quite accurate and I use it on dockside water sources before I add it to my tanks. So far, so good.

I use First Alert tests and buy them online from Target.

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I think that we are dealing with different aspects of water in the tests. Typically the health dept. will test for bacteria - coliforms. Our health dept. here will do those too. In this case V.O.C.'s are the contaminants. I had to go to Continuing Ed. classes for three days to learn the proper technique and requirements for collecting each of the 273 different contaminants that our state tests in public drinking water. The VOC test collection involves a 50ml tube with a special cap that allows, given a meniscus of water above the sample container to enclose the sample without any air. Then it is placed in a cooler filled with ice and must be supplied to the state approved lab within 12 hours. They report back what was found along with the MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level set by EPD). Bact-t tests have 36 hours to get to the lab and don't require the lack of air in the sample. I won't even go into what is required on the Radon and Radnuclie testing.

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