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In our Willard 30 the V berth .. berth to overhead space was a little shy of ideal and the sole was a long way down. And if you're down it's a long way up. Sure glad we have the mid-step. When we bought the boat it had 6" thick mattresses hard as a board. Took them apart and replaced w 3" softer foam. A previous poster said it before .. the foam means a lot. Well that gave us 3" more head room above the berth .. fine .. And the softer foam .. fine. No complaints now and no slapping water on our Willard hull.


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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Our "play" boat has a v cabin and I hadn't thought a lot about how they got walking areas beside it plus a nice size bed, so I just thought about it and looked at some photos online of the model. It's by not moving it all the way forward in the V. There's a fore deck area which just has storage under it and the cabin starts about 3 or 4' back. By the time you get to the foot of the bed, you have the full beam of the boat. It also protrudes into the galley/salon area and the aft cabin is referred to as a crew cabin, which tells you how small it is. The boat is clearly designed to sleep only two people plus perhaps on occasion one or two others. Also the cabin is completely open to the galley/salon area. Really the other place to sleep comfortably is probably the salon. We've had the boat nearly 3 years and have spent two nights on it, both with only the two of us.

It's like everything on a boat, a trade off. I hadn't really thought until just now what they did trade to get the walkaround cabin.

And for the record, I do agree with Mark and enjoy my wife crawling over, although sometimes it takes her an extraordinarily long time to get to her side.
Here are photos of how Riva actually achieves it in a 44' open boat, basically a runabout.

First, the photo of the berth.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Rivarama berth.jpg
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Then the drawing. Look how far back from the bow the berth starts which then gives good beam at the foot of the berth. 44' boat with 12'9" beam.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Rivarama drawing.jpg
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