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RE: Cleats and chocks

Eric, Eric, Eric..... Willy, welcome back (oldfishboatguy)
I don't understand how you have kept yourself amused without us!

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RE: Cleats and chocks

My advise to guys here. Leave me the lines to handle from the dock. Based on my experience.

The chance at finding a dock with a dock hand with the experience to tie up a boat verges on ZERO.

We pass them a loop , and TELL them where to drop it , otherwise they will drop it on the first cleat they see.

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RE: Cleats and chocks

Willy wrote:
From my experience I need to be able to handle the boat from the dock. Not all places and or issues fit your "experienced mariner " concept.
__________________________________________________ ______________ I couldn't agree more. Although I understand Jack's point, Willys experience coincides with mine. (Marina personel handling the boat in emergencies, vendors servicing the boat with the need to pull it one way or the other, etc.

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Cleats and chocks

Our dock has bull rails, so I installed 4 cleats. *We have two set of lines, a pre cut/make set tied to the bull rails with eyes to slip over the boat cleats that we leave on the dock and also a set on lines on the boat that have eyes at one end. *On our dock most have a set of lines they leave on the dock as it makes tying up the boat easier and in the right spot. ***Being the lines left on the dock are not long and a set length, a mid line usually is first tossed to the dock which the cleats are for. We use to 1 inches lines which can be tossed/thrown the 20 ft.

The eye of the lines that is usually slipped over the cleat on the boat and the other end, bitter end, has no eye, because of the bull rails.* Usually I try to get the stern close enough to the dock to get off as the bow can be thrust over.* If we can not get close to the deck to get someone on the dock then the mid ship line is tossed to maneuver on.* Most boaters if they been around 40+ ft boats, know the line should be cleat or at least wrap around the cleat.* *I have found that a non issue.*

In the winter I double tie the boat to the dock with the extra set of lines that we keep on the boat.* The eye end is slipped over the boats cleat as the other end is used to tighten up the line several times during the winter as the lines stretch so the space between the dock steps and the boat is less than 6".* We have a 3 ft wide round ball*fender use to keep the bow pushed out so the stern swim platform is closure to the dock.* **

We also have 20 ft poles are the ready to reach/grab the dock or try to hook a line over a cleat, but most of the time they are used to push off.* We have a grapping hook but have not used it for docking.*

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