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Chesapeake Bareboat Resources?

Hi, all.

I'm new here and I'm sure this question has been addressed in different ways in these forums, but I find searching old threads in forums to be tedious and the results won't necessarily answer my particular inquiry.

Simply put, I'm wondering whether some of you can refer me to good bareboat charter outfits for cruising the Chesapeake, primarily in the Annapolis/St. Michaels (and north to Baltimore) region. The background which follows is of course more detailed in order to get just the right recommendations.

Years ago when I lived in the Pacific Northwest I dreamed of doing a trawler rental for a vacation. The dream went into hibernation for a couple decades. Now I'm married with two boys, 16 & 12, living on the (inland) East Coast, and the dream is back, and I hope to do this this summer with my family plus my brother and his wife.

Experience as a captain: none (unless you count canoes and a one-man "Sunflower" sailboat).

Education with and experience on boats of various types and in various situations: I'll let you judge.

While in high school I lived on the headwaters of the Severn River in Maryland and got acquainted with boating then. My dad had a small Penn Yan sportfisherman and he made all four of his kids take a multi-week (6-8 I believe) Power Squadron boating course. It was very extensive. I got a 97 or 98% on the final exam. I believe if I took the same exam today with no study I could still pull off a high 'C'. This isn't bragging—I just have good retention abilities.

Anyhow, we boated on the Severn and the Bay often over four years ('76-'80), though to be honest my dad was a control freak, so he never really handed the wheel over to me. And this is part of the reason for wanting to do this vacation, to be the captain myself on those waters. My brother is likewise jazzed about doing this. It's not just the nostalgia, though. I really can't think of a better get-away-from-it-all vacation (besides wilderness backpacking—and my family wouldn't be up for that!). And I can see this being just the first of many.

Since my high school years I've had some more experience on the Chesapeake in a sailboat, been on charter fishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico, lake-boating here and there, drift-boating the rapids on the Deschutes in central Oregon, and crewing on a 36' sailing yacht on the Columbia near Portland, and in the Pacific from Astoria to Newport, OR.

My brother is a Major, USMC, Ret., and had some at sea training, so between the two of us, I think we can handle this.

Based on this, I know that a charter company would still require us to hire a captain for at least a day, if not more. I'm more than good with that. I would require it even if a company didn't.

Finally, I did see the thread here about Bluegoose Charters and the likelihood they're out of business. I sent an email inquiry this AM. Other than that, any recommendations?


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Welcome aboard.

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I am in somewhat the same "boat" you are. I am thinking of chartering in the Pacific Northwest next Fall, but have never chartered before. Consequently I don't really have any idea how my experience stacks up against what the charter companies expect. My experience is summarized below. W ould a charter company let me charter a 40+ foot trawler out of Anacortes or Bellingham.

Boat owner for 25 years. Boats owned range from 21' sailboat to 33' classic motoryacht and 36' sailboat. Sailed on other boats up to 49 feet. A couple of thousand days on the water as skipper including several passages across the gulf of Maine in conditions ranging from flat calm to a full gale. Skills include (picking up a mooring - 1000+ times), docking (hundreds of times), anchoring (hundreds of times), radar and electronic navigation, traditional navigation (not celestial), piloting, night operation. Boat training includes: US Naval Academy sailing squadron, USCG safety course, Washington boating safety card. General boat experience - I do 100% of the maintenance on my current boats (33' classic motor yacht and 36' sailboat), I have built two boats and helped build one other yacht. I am skilled at all aspects of boat maintenance and construction (both fiberglass and wood). I regularly single hand.

I am looking to single charter a trawler although I would have non-boating guests on board for part of the charter. Do you think they would let me charter a boat?
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Can't make any recommendations, but if you Google "charter Annapolis" at least it returns several options. There's also a "boat rental" place on the South River (probably an Edgewater address) that has at least one bigger boat, 50'-ish I think.

South River, Chesapeake Bay
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These guys have been at the Kent Narrows for years. I believe they may also be a DeFever dealership.

C&C Charters Chesapeake Bay Maryland : yacht charters : bareboat charters: captained charters : Power and Sail charters
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Originally Posted by BlueYonder View Post
These guys have been at the Kent Narrows for years. I believe they may also be a DeFever dealership.

C&C Charters Chesapeake Bay Maryland : yacht charters : bareboat charters: captained charters : Power and Sail charters
That is a great location to start from. Just watch the current at the bridges in the narrows. Close to Chester, Wye, and Miles Rivers. 3 of the best. Just across from Annapolis, and just up the Bay to Baltimore. Short distances, and great destinations.
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Thanks, all. I contacted C&C. They have a boat available for the time I'm wanting and will have a Captain train us for a day or two.

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