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RE: Chartering Your Boat?

Steppen, that is the reson I said that south sound was a good place to keep a boat, there is moorage available. True, it costs time and fuel to get up to the San Juans from here But this is where I live and I'm going to be leaving from here one way or the other.

After all, its all boating. We enjoy the cruise between Olympia and the Narrows just as much as we enjoy the cruise between Deception Pass and Roche Harbor. Its all boating.

Now if I lived in eastern Washington and was 5-6 hours away from the boat over a mountain pass I believe I would try to get the boat moored in Anacortes or Bellingham. I would also try to have it in charter so there would be someone paying attention to the boat during the weeks and months I was not there. That is the main advantage of charter that I can see.

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RE: Chartering Your Boat?

Is it the destination or the voyage that's important?

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Chartering Your Boat?

markpierce wrote:

Is it the destination or the voyage that's important?
Everybody has different priorities.* For us it's the voyage.* We're usually a bit disappointed at the end when we get to where we were going and we look forward to being on the move again.* This is one reason we like the canals in England so much.* Even though you may only cover 100 miles (if that) in a couple of weeks, the boats are so slow (3 mph) that you are on the go every day.* It's also why we like flying.* It's a bummer to have to land, even on water.* Watching the world go by-- either on it or above it--- is where it's at for us.

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