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RE: Captain's / Master's license?

I hold a 1600 ton master of motor/steam vessels and master of towing vessels oceans route (9th issue). Original license was 25 ton near Coastal in 1983. The renewal process has gotten easier in the last year after being a nightmare for the previous 5 years. Now all the documentation is reviewed and evaluated by a central source in West Virginia. This has made things much easier IMHO. There still remains the usual documentation hassles required by the Coast Guard. A six pack license is a worthwhile endeavor. If anybody is considering it , my advice would be to do it sooner rather than later. As in most programs, regulations continue to get more stringent as time goeas by.
Most of the smaller license can be obtained without testing at the Coast Guard. The many prep classes will administer the test at the end of their classes. You should have your paperwork submitted and approved before you take the class. I spend anywhere from 175-225 days at sea each year and it seems that at each renewal time something in the renewal process has changed. Staying up on the changes is confusing.

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RE: Captain's / Master's license?

I hold a 100Ton Masters near coastal,just had the 8th issue. First issue was in 1980 for a 50Ton.* I concurwithSailor of Fortune, new process is far less complicated and streamline then previous. There are indeed requirements and regulations for holding the "ticket". They are,good bad or whatever, part of the cost for the ticket. They include, TWIC cards and drug testing and keeping up with the changes in the industry. If you are going to use your ticket and think they regulations are offensive, well don't have a ticket. What I find to be offensive is people saying "I don't use my ticket,therefore I should be punished by being forced to meet the requirements".

The facts are that the purpose of the license is for commercial use/applications not to hang as a trophy. Given that purpose,one has to expect there will always be new regulations,as in any other profession. There is no doubt in my mind, based on experience and time, that the holder of USCG Merchant license will be held to a higher standard then a non holder. If not held to a higher standard, why have the license? If you want to believe you are not being held to a higher standard, you are just fooling yourself.

If you want the license/ticket go for it. Just understand the requirements and consequences that are inherit with the license.


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RE: Captain's / Master's license?

Sortie wrote:I concurwithSailor of Fortune, new process is far less complicated and streamline then previous.
In years past, one could call up a regional exam center, and ask questions about a renewal or upgrade.* Each center seemed to have a different way to interpret the regulations, and if you didn't get an answer you liked, you could simply call another center.* If you liked their answer, that was the place you submitted your application, since that was where the license would be issued.* That's all in the past now, as all license applications are reviewed at the same place.* For several years, they had trouble getting up to speed and issuing licenses in a timely fashion, but now it seems they have gotten their act together for the most part.* Is the application process less complicated though?* I'm not sure about that one, but I do know it's a lot of work, and the process is ever changing. Despite that, I say go for the license, it's very rewarding, and who knows what great adventures could result?.................Arctic Traveller

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RE: Captain's / Master's license?

The questions covered many things that were not pratical items learned from experience but from learning the books.

What do you expect from Burorats?

Interesting that simply showing my 100T (35+years expired) is enough for most owners to give you the keys.

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