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To those above who recommended Nigel Calder's book, Thank you.

Half dot com, a discount seller that is part of ebay, has a bunch of them. I bought a used one in very good condition for $13.40.

Mike and Tina
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If you have made it this far without any detailed knowledge of engines, that demonstrates that you are much less interested in the engine than in other aspects of boating. You may be at the stage that many boaters reach, where you enjoy being out there, but can leave the engine and its mysteries to others.

Previous posters here have given you the basics. More than that may not be of any real interest and certainly isn't necessary to pleasurable boating.

A friend of mine used to come to me frequently with engine questions, because I had pointed out to him once that his boat was powered by the same engine as mine. I quickly learned that whatever question he had merely indicated his complete lack of understanding of everything mechanical on his boat. The learning curve was too steep for him to surmount. Yet, in his chosen field, he had excelled, and was understanding stuff that I couldn't. We are still friends, he still asks questions that demonstrate his continued state of ignorance, and he still has a great time on the water.

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Thanks guys! Mr Calder's Book ordered. And it's a great idea to look into local high school and community college!
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You need hands on.

Even though I had not worked on my own engine for 40 years, I had at one point.

Without that hands on experience, it is much harder to read a book and make sense of it. In fact, it's usually a waste of time. One of the reasons our kids in school do so poorly.

Think of reading a book about learning another language, without ever talking or hearing that language.

One hands on class, will set you up with the basics and make it much easier to maintain your own boat,
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Originally Posted by bayview View Post
The us power squadron has an introductory engine course.
I'd second Bayview's recommendation re: USPS - courses are quality and you expand your network of boating resources.

Also agree w/ Calder & CC / BOCES courses that give you hands on.
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Some of the diesel parts suppliers/builders have one and two day classes. When you get closer to picking a boat, try to find out who supplied the engine and see if they have intro courses.
Al Johnson
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A good general engine book like Calder has multiple uses. At some time many of us will have to deal with a real engine event without outside assistance.
A quote from Bob Smith, formerly VP of Lehman Power Corp. and now of American Diesel "..the most important single recommendation I can make to a new engine owner is "do not tinker"! If the unit is running well-leave it alone!.....Unless you know what you are doing, keep your hands off".
But sometimes,you just have to" have a go",and such a book will be very handy.

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