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Your other option is just go as far as glacier bay on your first trip. Believe me, you will have plenty of geography to explore.

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I agree with Gbonas; we have spent a bit of time around Glacier Bay and area and could spend years around the Inside Passage/SE Alaska before feeling the need to go further. With an eye on the weather there are lots of places to explore in our R25, but we would not consider ourselves or our boat ready to cross the gulf.
If you really want to cross the Gulf, you might consider what some other Ranger Tug owners have done: switch your head to a composting toilet, and then replace your black water holding tank with a second fuel tank. With 2 tanks you can add a transfer pump and filters and do fuel polishing as well.

Edit: Just re-read your post; didn't think a 31 ft boat with 77 gallons of water would only have a 12 gallon holding tank. Ours is 30 gallons. Yours might not be worth the cost of conversion to gain 12 gallons. I guess it depends on how desperate you are for more range, and how much you value the safety and convenience of a real tank vs jugs stored all over the boat

Ron and Barb
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"Yukon Ranger"
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The OP has received some good comments particularly from guys who have crossed the Gulf themselves....Kevin, Akdoug, Prof. Sunchaser suggested trying out various inside legs before committing to crossing the Gulf, a very good plan. Further to that, if you want to get a feel for the ocean conditions you're in for but with some safe bailout anchorages enroute, travel up the outside of Baranof and Chichigof islands to get to Cross Sound and the Glacier Bay area. Remember as Akdoug described, when you leave Cape Spencer, you've got no good place to hide until Yakutat, 150 miles away. Same thing from Yakutat to Cordova, only longer. Both legs, running all night. This crossing is a serious undertaking and should be regarded as such.
Ken on Hatt Trick
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Good luck on your enticing adventure! Last summer a pal and I ran my 20’ Stabicraft from Roche Harbor to Port Hardy, Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, Rupert to Ketchikan in 52 hrs with overnight stops at PH and PR. Our advantage was lightness and speed, but at a high cost in comfort both physical and mental. We had 52 gallons of tankage and never passed an opportunity to refuel. Fuel was not always available when expected. Although I had complete confidence in the boat, I would not have had the range or fortitude to venture into the open gulf. As has already been said, take suits, raft and supplies to survive an unanticipated diversion from the plan ... and gear to let others know you are alive while you wait. Even on the inside I was surprised by how many hours you can go between seeing potential rescuers, but SAR resources should be readily available. We were fortunate in that our weather and water was predominantly tolerable in June. No head for 580 miles makes your boat look downright luxurious. You sound well aware and prepared for a “Bucket List” cruise. Smooth sailing to you!
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Seattle to SE Alaska is no problem, but you may be paying some premium prices for fuel along the way. Make sure you fill up at P McNeil and Shearwater/Bella Bella - you don't want to pay the prices at such places as Duncanby, Dawson's (Rivers Inlet) or Klemtu. Plan with the currents in mind. The Douglass guides are great.
Experience develops good judgement, bad judgement develops experience
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If KS says it's Okay, it's a done deal.

What is your fuel consumption at 6 knots?

That would determine whether you need a bladder. Others have talked about how good they have become, so if that's your main concern, get a bladder and be done with it.

For me, you said the most important sentiment, you feel you boat can handle it. That's 90% of the battle, because then, when the weather does not turn out as you hoped, you're still good.
Richard on Dauntless,
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Originally Posted by Gbonas View Post
Your other option is just go as far as glacier bay on your first trip. Believe me, you will have plenty of geography to explore.

I think this is the best advice you've gotten. Many of us who live in the PNW have spent decades exploring closer to home without running out of options.

A 48-hour run across the Gulf is at best tedious. I only did it because I have fond memories of Prince William Sound gained during 20 years living near there, and my wife has some special connections there, thanks to Captain Hazelwood.

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