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RE: Buy now or wait?

regarding the work of a also depends on the age of your kids. Honestly, if I sold our boat today it would have been the best boat I owned, even though at this point, I've put the fewest hours on her of any boat I've owned. Reason being...we bought her to do the refit. This winter has comprised of weekends on the boat with just me and my son working together. We have had a simply awesome time working on her together...lots of one on one time together, showing him how to use various tools, working together, etc. It's been a great experience for both of us- to the point the other week when I told my son that very soon we'd be able to go up and just relax and enjoy the boat and not work on her all weekend long. To my surprise he looked at me and immediately said, "Dad- that would be boring! Working on her is the fun part!" Seems I've got a little boat enthusiast on my hands. The one good thing about a trawler vs. another boat is, as someone else stated, unless you hit something or really break something, the operating costs are about as low as you can get. Fuel burn is virtually nothing, etc.

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RE: Buy now or wait?

Marin wrote:

Another possible course of action is buy a smaller boat-- a trailer boat perhaps--- that you and your family can enjoy closer to home.* Use that for awhile--- the cost outlay will be WAY less than a trawler-type boat--- and see how it goes.* Maybe boating will become a big part of your family's life, maybe it won't.* But if doesn't work out it will be a*much less expensive lesson than if you learn the same thing by purchasing a cruising boat that doesn't work out.
I*agree with the trailerable boat option if you don't have much time to use a boat.* The*ownership costs are a lot lower when you can avoid moorage and bottom maintenance costs.* Also, a trailerable boat allows you to explore waters far from home that you would not have the time to*reach at 7 knots while you are still working.

Like you, we faced this same question seven years ago and decided on a trailerable boat.* My work schedule restricts our boating to a few 3 day weekends and one two week cruise per year.* We also selected an express cruiser that allows us to explore further on a 3 day weekend then we could at 7 knots.***By going this route we have learned some things that we like and don't like about boats and boating which will help us select*our next boat.*

While continuing to enjoy our current boat, we are now on the three year plan to acquire our retirement boat.* We will have saved*the cost of our retirement boat simply because we bought a*trailerable boat when we were at your decision point.

Whether you buy a 40' trawler or a 10' car topper, get*a boat now and get on the water.* Your life will thank you for it.*


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RE: Buy now or wait?

I don't have kids so this is an observation.
My outlaws, though, had three and we boated together for many years. The boats were a big adjustment for all. A lot of after school activities could not be accomodated although they still had plenty. Mom and dad though did have more or less regular jobs that allowed time off so that could be a major complication in your circumstances.
They are out of boating now and have been for many years but the kids, now in their mid to late thirties, and with families of their own, still remember the time on the boat.
The three 'kids' still actually enjoy each others company and talk and visit together a lot.
They fought a lot on the boat but also learned to play together through rainy and sunny weekends and that has stuck with them.

Just one caveat, don't scare them, particularily your wife. I've seen too many boneheads that scared their wives early, wouldn't pay attention and made fun of them, and then their wife wouldn't go near the boat afterwards. Yeah, they will get scared, so did I, but if you deal with it properly it will work out.

A smaller boat that you can use when time permits and will allow practice and learning as you go may be a good way to start. I know if I jumped into the boat I have now we would no longer be boating. It's been a good boat, but even from the previous boat it was a steep learning curve. I have to do almost all of the work myself or we couldn't afford it. The smaller boats taught me a lot, what to do and not to do. Of course each boat has specific requirement so not everything is transferable but the general skills are.

Good luck with your choice,
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Buy now or wait?

C lectric wrote:

I know if I jumped into the boat I have now we would no longer be boating.
Clark has made what I believe to be a really good point here.* His statement would have applied to us, too.* From a kid up I have always loved boats and being on the water, as has my wife.* I didn't have a boat or many opportunities to go out on one* until I was out of college and working in Hawaii.* At that point I began going out with friends on their sailboats and fishing with the owner of the flying school I used.

After moving here I crewed on a co-workers racing sailboat for a couple of seasons.* But it wasn't until I got married that I (with my wife) got my first I-own-it boat, an Arima trailer fishing boat, since that was our primary motivation for getting a boat at that time.* We still have that boat, by the way, and still enjoy using it.

We''ve flown floatplanes in this area and up the BC coast into SE Alaska for years so we were familiar with the region and saw all the "big boats" down below us and started thinking, "That could be neat."* But had we jumped right into the big boat world, I have no doubt that we'd have "survived" but I think there would have been more stress--- financially if nothing esle--- and it would not have had the same kind of positive impact on our lives as what we ultimately did.

Now that we've had the GB for over twelve years we feel, "Shoot, why didn't we do this earlier?"* But that's because we know how to run the boat now, how to maintain it, and what the associated costs are.* But if we force ourselves to think of where we were at before we got into boating, we feel, as Clark said, that we did it right by starting out with the Arima, then some ten years later chartering a GB to try it, and then buying our own GB.

Other people have decided out of the blue they want to be boaters and go out and buy a 45' boat.* And do fine.* So there's no one-size-fits-all rule.* But when one has a family, job responsibilities and schedules, little or no cruising experience, perhaps doesn't live right in a prime boating area, and is not even totally sure that the boating experience is really what one's family wants, starting out with a smaller boat can be a smart way to go.* The poster who cautioned not to get one too small is important to heed, too.* But there are nice trailer boats that can accomodate your family.* And obviously you will need the appropriate vehicle to tow a trailer boat.

But whether you start out with a trailer boat or determine that it's gotta be a "big" boat or nothing, I do agree with the "Do it now" camp. I would only add, "Do it intellegently."


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Buy now or wait?

The ultimate boat that you choose is entirely up to you , as they say :-

"Make your bed and lie in it."
Many people start out with a smaller boat *and then graduate to larger and larger
each time you swap out . You may loose money .

Some buy boats by trading up say 2 ft up at a time, i call it the two step , which can be a costly practice ,leading eventually to where you will wind up with the right boat *size wise.

It does not take long to find out you undersized your boat and come to regret your decision.

Do go through the list of users here on the forum *there are many pictures, you will see some great boats and see what size most people *here own and that is where you start.

Find the boat that *is right for you over the long term .

It will not take you long to master a large boat, they don't blow around / drift around as much as smaller boats.

Small boats have cramped engine space that to me is a down side.

A boat is not a house , space on a boat is at a premium and you will be glad of every square foot.

This Forum has many good well informed people, they are all here to help and guide you.

Remember *the fudge factor a boat on land is twice as large as it will appear in the water.

Do make a list *by starting *with this question , what do i want to do with my boat in 5 years time.

When we build let it be for ever and not for present delight alone.

Donald & Mavis.

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RE: Buy now or wait?

Eat dessert first. Life is uncertain!
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RE: Buy now or wait?

Okay I was being to negative-* Go buy the biggest trawler you can find

Take it to Florida and the Bahamas every Winter.

I am sure you will see the Wife and kids on some of their school breaks- and you can tell them about all the fun Dad is having.

Life is Short-- Go for IT!
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RE: Buy now or wait?

Arctic Traveller wrote:

You can reduce the cost of repairs by a huge amount if you learn to do your own.* The cost of parts is normally small compared the labor to diagnose and replace.* Lean now with a smaller boat, and when you go bigger you will have the knowledge base to keep it going..........Arctic Traveller

My point was that with three kids and a job that needs him on weekends, it's not very likely hell have the time to learn all there is to know.

To the OP... What does your family think? Have you asked them?

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Buy now or wait?

Having a bigger boat ... and a young family..

If the family is interested and wants to take part it can be a win .. win..

If they don't want much or anything to do with a boat you will loose on both the family and the boat. My kids and admiral* have always taken interest in our boats... at times lots of interest.. other times less. As the kids are in their mid teens the interest is less until we are on the boat.. then it comes back.* When the girls were young they wanted to learn how to drive the boat... most times now they just think of it as a moving sun deck.

If the family doesn't have a real interest get a smaller trailer-able cruiser that can sit on the hard and cover up if the use starts to wain.* That way you can give yourself a treat and give yourself a new interest that is relatively cheap.

Just do it in a way that fits for you and your family... how many friends have you lost suddenly that had plans to do something they really wanted to do in life " later".* Don't wait if it is something you really want

look at the attached photo... dont they look like they hate being there??

Carpe Diem..


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