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Dauntless Award
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Busy Baby

Thatís been me these last few months. Dauntless is now sitting on the hard and waiting to have her bottom painted. Sheís not happy; no good boat ever is having been hauled out of their element, literally as well as figuratively. Sheís probably thinking, why did you fill me to almost bursting with fuel if weíre not going anyplace! Letís get this fÖing show on the road. Umm, almost sounds like my mother.

So, I thought I would be a good time to recap, thank some people who really helped and share the details of the work and the outfitting of our now antsy Kadey Krogen.

Current Plan

Version 328.4 Iíll be in Providence until mid-July, at which point, head up to Gloucester, top up the tanks and wait for a weather window to allow us to head northeast or east. If NE, then stopping at St. Johnís to top up tanks again, then probably direct Iceland, or Scotland or Ireland. If the NE track is not optimum, then southeast to the Azores and on to Galicia or Portugal.

We have an InReach Sat phone, so you will be able to following our progress every 10 minutes!

Thanks to some Great Friends and Crew

Weíre about ready. But this trip has only been made possible with the help and advice of a number of friends, crew and forum buddies, who have make this possible.

Iíve had three great crew mates in the last year. John, who came with me from Providence to North Carolina in November. Chantal, who was with me December and January from Florida to the Bahamas and Richard, (if youíre thinking I am talking about myself again, in the regal third person, Iím not, there really is another Richard, who by the way, just bought a beautiful 40í Endeavor sailboat yesterday). Richard spent two months with me in Miami and really worked hard to make Dauntless shine. I learned something from each of them and they all diligent and treated Dauntless like it was theirs.

Dave Arnold also works on this boat also like itís his own. John Gear of Kadey Krogen, who I met when Dauntless was just a gleam in our eyes and has been a real supportive friend ever since.

Parks, of Hopkins Carter Marine in Miami, found me a refuge when I needed one and I have found his store to be extremely competitively priced with even the big marine on-line places and I have continued to make most of my purchases thru his store.

Parks, is just one of a number of friends Iíve met through Trawler Forum. Ed and Rosa, two more fantastic people, who were always available to help while I was in Miami, even while planning their own exciting trip to Cuba. Paul, my Maine friend, who also was there for me in Miami, as well as Courtney and Penny and Larry and Lena.

Larry and Lena also have a KK42 only a few months older than Dauntless. Larry has answered numerous questions, yes, some of them really obvious and he always pushes me into the right direction. Every time I do a wash and dry, I am reminded of the last minute call I made to Larry, asking if I really had to swap out my current washer dryer. He got me over my cold feet and now I have a large extra storage area under the Splendide combo, which sure came in handy as I had to pull more cables from pilot house to Engine room the other day.

Lastly, my New York friends, Samantha, Wil & Liz and Val, who were there for me when I really needed them and really did help me get this show on the road for the first time.

In the coming week, I will post the details of each major change and its effect, with pictures.

For example, the boat was without power for 80 hours and had a net use of 310 amp-hours, due to the new 12v Vitrifrigo Fridge and Freezer AND the 4 110 watt solar panels mounted on top of the pilot house. That's about 4 amps/hr or 1/5 what I was using with the OLD system.
Which lets me be on the hook 5 days at a time (never happened yet), versus 20 hours (happened all the time)

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Way to go Richard.
Boy looks like exciting times ahead once the layup is completed.
Will be good to watch your progress.
All the best

"When I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my toys for what I told her I paid for them"
Money: It's made round to go round , not flat to stack.
"Get out and do it"
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Hi Richard, Thanks for the plug!

When you get a chance, please send me the make and model of that fuel pump you used to make your primer system. I want one exactly like it.

While you're at it, what make is that electric bike you bought? Ever since riding it around the parking lot I've wanted one.
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