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buffing/waxing question

What do you guys do when you are buffing and polishing the superstructure, and the surface you are trying to get at is smaller than the diameter of your buffer? I suppose the common solution would be a rag and some muscle power. I wonder if there is some way to adapt a Mouse Sander to the challenge?

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I always do everything by hand.
The best detailers that I know are moving away from buffers today and use oscillating type machines for finish work but I figure that my best work is done by hand.
I figure I am paying for some past sin committed sometime...

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You can get 3 or 4 in dia head & pads for some of the better DA buffers... forget which ones but quick search of DA buffers & pads should turn up options
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I keep looking for karate students to do the "wax on - wax off" thing for me. No luck so far.
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Considered a pneumatic polisher, not grinder? You would need a compressor of course but with a light duty unit the compressor would not have to be a big one. although some catch up waiting might be needed.

I do most of mine by hand BUT the hull gets the wax removed with my big buffer.
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Check griot' They sell a 3" random orbit polisher & pads
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I bought a variable speed 90 degree drill at Harbor Freight a few years ago just for this purpose. Used their small foam and buffing pads, still going strong...
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I could ask my waxing guy, but he was just deported again. (Just kidding). I wax by hand above the deck.
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I`m sure you can get the triangle type pads for a mouse sander. Such a small area you could do by hand.
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I use the polish pro buffer and buff magic. Awesome stuff!!!

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