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Brightwork in the Sun

Our trawler, Last Tango is blessed, cursed, with lots of brightwork on deck.

Our product of choice is Bristol Finish, though that is the the subject here. There are other quality products, but you must understand their application parameters before you complain about the quality.

Bristol and many others claim they can be applied in 100 degree (F) temperatures, and in direct sunlight. Both are true statements, but don't combine the two...

At 0600 the air temp was 80, caprail temp 80. I applied 1 coat Bristol.

At 0930 air temp was 87, caprail temp 93. I applied a second coat.

At 11:20 air temp was 91, caprail temp 162! Application is postponed till later in the day...I will shoot the temp at peak and it will be over 175 degrees. It's amazing anything survives this all day, every day. And it's no wonder products fail rapidly if you're behind on your PM work.

Rule of thumb: If you can cook bacon on it, it's too hot.. :-)

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I've found Bristol to very sensitive to high temps. Also I have found using alcohol as a wipe down prior to applying bristol removes oily residue from fingers prints that can cause cateyes in the surface. Spraying bristol in high temps tend to cause small blisters as it skins over too quickly and trapped gas bubbles to the surface leaving little off gassing rings in the surface. After you have enough product applied sanding with 2000 grit paper and buffing out the finish with good automotive rubbing compound gives amazing results. I'm experimenting with Bristol on a couple of small doors on my boat to see if it can hang with Sikens. I find Bristol more fussy than varnish. The results can be spectacular when applied in a dust free environment if high gloss is desired. We'll see about durability. I've used bristol on interior tables where the high gloss of bristol is hard to believe.

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In the Carib the simple varnish rule is,

Da coat de month mon!
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
In the Carib the simple varnish rule is,

Da coat de month mon!

True be dat mon!
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