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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
Nice list Art. I think this is deserving of its own thread. Do folks have a set list like you do, if so, what are they?

Thanks for compliment. Couple to a few years ago such a thread was implemented.

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Originally Posted by Art View Post

Thanks for compliment. Couple to a few years ago such a thread was implemented.
Time for me to search then.


SPOT page
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who''s commimg to dinner?

for any one who has not read the excellent book WIDOW WAVE, i highly recommend it. in Admiralty law the master of the ship has to prove himself NOT guilty of negligence As opposed to having being proven guilty thus putting the onus on the plaintiff as opposed to the defendant. In any case, it;s a great read for anyone relating to boating that has an interest in the law. not being a lawyer, my advice is worth exactly what you paid for it steveandtina-- AMERICAN PRIDE- Anacortes , Wa ---heading for desolation sound and points north this summer
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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
My wife and I used to donate dinner cruises to charities to auction off at their fund raisers. Usually this was a dinner for four people and we provided the food and 3 bottles of wine.

Then we were approached to do a larger charity cruise for the local cancer center. It was for up to 18 people and was for 6 hours. They provided the food and wine and brought cases of wine on board.

Near the end of the cruise I planned to stop in an area sheltered from the current so they could swim. As I was maneuvering the boat so set the anchor and was starting to back up I heard a lot of yelling from the stern. I went to neutral to find out what was going on and found that one drunk lady had jumped in the water as I was backing up.

The other 17 guests were appalled at what she had done and let her know. I was so mad I didn't even want to talk to her because I knew the words that came out would not be pretty or dignified.

I eventually did talk with her about how stupid her act of jumping in was and she apologized.

That one act has caused us to rethink donating charity cruises so we have not completely stopped. Sad, but it had to be done.
good solution don't dead by cancer, dead by trawler prop from dinner charity :bang head:
I get similar experience drunk friend jump stern of a boat I was driving at 25kts
I was totally mad with him:face palm:

all your story look very strange for people out of US and Canada all those story don't exist to our country

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