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After almost 55 yrs I find my self on the hard. We sold our wonderful 87 CC 381 and moved to Victoria BC. Cost of shipping was 25K plus, so we are back in the market. Needless to say the west coast prices are somewhat startling compared to the east. So be it, now looking and bearing in mind the .

Found a 1980 Uniflight 42 Double Cabin called Bel Canto located in Seattle. Shows well on Wolfe Marine sales site. She has 6-71s with 1599 hrs listed and has all the west coast necessities, at least on paper.

Does anyone know this boat and if you are a Uniflight person what issues should I be looking at before I move further.

Found a 1980 45 Modutech at 69K U$ located in Olumpia Listed with Wolfe as well, interesting boat, 3900 hrs on Cat 3208-T. Never heard of one. Any data would be welcome for sure.

Now that you know that I am looking, if you have any other insight in to the what is on offer in the WA/BC area please pass the info. I would like to say clear of the off most shore breeds if possible and would like a cruise of 10-14 if possible, but compromise is still the issue with boat buying. Bill.

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Nothing wrong with Uniflites.
Bulletproof actually, with quite a following.
That said, they are an old boat.
Had some blister issues but that isn’t as scary as it was thought to be then.

Here are some more, if you haven’t seen them.

You didn’t say what you would like so I’m just throwing this up there.
Great west coast boat, fresh on the market.
Hugely popular.
Edit...oops, not so fast. I just noticed that Tolly is listed in USD which is IMO unreasonable.

I’ve never heard of Modutech which means tough resale when the time comes.

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I just looked at that Uni listing and you are right, it does look nice.
If you are not familiar with Detroit 6-71, you need to do lots of research, especially for parts and experienced service people.

Do a search here and boatdiesel.
Maybe C lectric will see this thread and chime in.
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We have a 1974 Grand Banks 36 for sale at 75k. You can see it in the classified section or pm if interested and I can send some info.
Keith Olive
1974 Grand Banks 36-427
Vashon Island, WA
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Modutech is a primarily commercial yard/builder in Tacoma. They do a lot of builds for commercial fishermen, Coast Guard, marine construction, etc. Never seen their pleasure boats, but their commercial stuff is hardcore.
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A friend has that same boat, same year, but that one looks to be in much better condition. I help him often with repairs. His repairs are mostly due to poor maintenance by the PO. Still a nice boat. The only issue I see with his boat is the gel coat is in terrible condition, something about some kind of fire proof resin or some such nonsense that Uniflite tried, unsuccessfully, I might add. It desperately needs a paint job. Other than that, it's a solid boat.
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M try last night seems to gone to the wind. Oh well.
Not sure I can add much.

Uni's were good boats. I'm not sure of the year where the blistering showed up. Earlier models, 70's, were not affected but exactly the year split I cannot say. I've seen both and the earlier, non fire retardent resin boats still look good if care for. The fire retardent resin boats can have blisters all over the boat. Even so, it is mostly cosmetic so you have to decide if that is OK.

I will add that if the vessel in question does not have these blisters now it probably missed that resin.
THe 6-71 are good engines and should have a long life at 300HP IF they have been looked after and PROPPED right and operated sensibly, not on the pins. If not then all bets off although that goes for all engines. They are old but parts are usually still available although through FP for catalogs/parts if not DD themselves.

Federal-Mogul Resource Center - Digital Catalogs

If you are considering I would be looking for a DD mechanic now, for service but also for survey. They are around but not like a bunch of years ago.

Ski in NC who posts here and on Boatdiesel is knowledgeable in DD's. Ronald Sparks on Boatdiesel is also good. Both will be very busy now and both are East coast guys but I'm sure would answer some questions.

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