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Boat Briefings

I've been lurking quite a while and thought i would give a interdiction of myself and say a few words to contribute to the fourm.

I got my USCG 50T licence a few years ago and have been managing and driving the Moemac for a dive shop here in Honolulu scene i was rendered obsolete by the Obama administration, after ten years of honorable service in the Marines.

Before we leave the dock we are required to give a Boat Briefing. I have added in a few things here and there to break up the monotony of a dry speech and it really works well keeping there focus on me. I understand that many of us are not in the same position with USCG requirements and insurance requirements and all that paperwork stuffs but do you give a quick couple of words before getting under way? If so please share and perhaps we can pick a few things out to help enrich our own speech.

Here we go.

" Aloha and welcome aboard the Moemac, we are a USCG inspected vessel and as such there are a few things i need to tell you about before we can get underway. Forward and down below you'll find life jackets don't worry there is plenty for everybody, Any body Italian? we follow Italian maritime tradition and our instructor Vic is Italian, what that means is if we need to abandon ship Vic gets the first life jacket and is the first off, everyone else, take one and only one jacket and follow the directions given by the crew. Also we have a first aid kit, emergency Oxygen, AED, and fire extinguishers down below. please allow capt'n and crew to deploy these assets as they see fit. also down below and to the port side, left side for you land lubbers, there is a marine head, like all marine heads it is very finikey about what goes in it so liquids only! no solids, if you don't know the difference between a liquid and a solid or what can or can not go in the head talk to Nate, he is out head mechanic today and he has a considerable charge if he leaves the boat with a blue hand, so please keep that in mind! They laid the keel for the Moemac in 1978 at that time they saw fit to give us 2 fish feeding stations, one port and one starboard, if your feeling sea sick please don't hesitate to get it out of your system you'll feel much better. that brings me to my next point that forward is the trash can. (point to the center bucket) this is a rinse bucket and (pointing the the bucket aft) this bucket id for your [dive]masks, not chum buckets. last but not least we have 2 throw rings and a life float that will automatically self deploy in the event of a water landing, were not going to need them today because were going to keep it shiny side up! (at this point i interduce the crew) but before i hand it over to the crew i need a volunteer. ( i then ask someone to spell wetsuit. and point out that there is no P in wetsuit and to keep it that way)
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