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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
in actual, life-threatening, out-of-control fires-- it's impossible to begin to fathom what it's like and what it can do to you.
My mother had a friend who survived a home fire with minimal physical injury. The emotional injury never left. Decades later she still had tremors. She said that she could never feel truly safe again.

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I'm not knowledgeable of trees but growing up in NC we never worried about the oaks. Pine trees obviously. And the one hardwood that destroyed houses was Poplar. We had one destroy our front porch when I was very young.
Oaks have gone into water storage panic mode due to 4 yr drought in CA. Their DNA is forcing crisis water storage into all portions; including outer limbs. Unusual weight is what ruined this 200 yr. old oak tree. Wherever they can oaks are pocketing water. I watched at about 150' feet away as the Oak went down. At the hub where five big stems came out of the huge trunk, when the largest cracked off toward house, there was an immediate splurge of water that fell to ground... looked like a 55 gallon drum had been tipped over.

Decades experienced tree cutters, an arborist, and the county fire chief were who wised me up on cause and effect we just experienced. As well as how often this same scenario is beginning to happen. Predictions are for a crazy wet "el nino" winter season this time around... we shall see!

We'll be planting new trees soon!

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Agree that fire aboard is the worst news a captain can get. During my twenty-plus years skippering inspected passenger vessels, only once did I experience the taste of near panic. During a loss-of-power incident (caused by a failure of twelve-volt power to my Mathers MicroCommander controls - a story for another day), I had 120 pax aboard. Half my brain was evaluating possible risks to their safety while the other half tried to diagnose the immediate problem. Then the mate announced that he smelled smoke coming from another compartment below the waterline. That, thank God, turned out to be a false alarm, but the three minutes it took to confirm were the most adrenaline-fueled of my career. The sequence of incidents added up to a non-event, but I still ponder the what-ifs.

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