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Originally Posted by silentfaith View Post
hi larry, it has been a year or so since we last talked. glad to see this project because i need to do the same on my manatee. i have a pea green color on my wall that i love and wonder if paint will hold on the plastic?

cpt.craig silent faith stuart
I think I can answer your question: here's the same factory finished painted panel after a few years in the shower...


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i take it your not happy with the product or the paint?

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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Got me think'in about plastic now ....

I had thoughts of ripping out all the walpaper in Willy's interior and painting the underlaying plywood white or some other light color. What's the downside of this plan? With me the main reason for this is to expose the plywood so if any leaking around the windors was to happen it would immediately be apparent. Seeing is beliving.
Our new to us sundeck had wall paper in the aft master cabin. Put on over the teak plywood. We removed it because of mold around all the edges. Once off, the wall paper applier had put on a mastic over the wood that had filled in all the wood grain of the plywood. We scrubbed the wood as clean as we could then we ended up putting two coats of oil based primer on the plywood, then two coats of an almost white latex semigloss paint. We added in some mahogany trim and some mirrors to bring the cabin together and to brighten it up. It came out really nice once done. AND the surface can be cleaned and there is no location for mold to grow. Not to mention I really hate wall paper.
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Appreciate the input. I don't care for walpaper either. The only place ours is semi-bad is in the head. But it's in the salon that I want to rip it up.

Too much on the plate now but will probably get it done someday. I better do a goot job though as depreciation would'nt be welcome.


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"But it's in the salon that I want to rip it up."

A few cases of free beer might get your saloon ripped up rapidly!

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