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From all the comments it seems clear that wheel size and therefore mounting angle will depend on the size of boat, mechanical steering (cable, pulley, shaft, etc), manual hydraulic or power hydraulic. Obviously a big 36inch wheel has to be mounted vertically unless you want to look like a bus driver out there

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Poach has a vertically mounted wheel at the lower station. There is no room to mount a wheel on top of the console. The steering station is just inside the starboard door and the vertical wheel leaves room to pass. The wheel tilt angle is adjustable similar to tilt steering wheels in cars. Sot it's the best or worst of both worlds--depending on your point of view.

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A tilt wheel like a car. My boat runs like a striped posterior primate (large) but I mostly prefer the wheel in the vertical position for trawler speed. But if I get tired of that it is easily changed.
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I think I'd like some tilt to the wheel. But looking at the layout of my lower helm, there is no practical way to do it. It will screw up several things. My upper helm is tilted, but tilt fits up there nicely.

Otto does most of the driving, anyway.
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We use a vertical heavy wooden wheel , as it is mostly used when docking.

It can be spun rapidly due to its mass .

All it does is operate a valve as the steering is engine pump powered .

The AP helm indicator lets one keep track of the rudder position.

Pretty and pretty simple.
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This Nordhaven 52 is setup with the slightly angled wheel (about 20-30 degrees from horizontal). Obviously this is a power hydraulic steering system. It probably is still the most effective way to maneuver, but something about it just doesn't quite look right (especially for an old-fashioned trawler guy).


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