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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
Glad no one here has suggested The Egg. Whew! This didn't catch anything today, so it became an appetizer tonight. There are no losers in this kind of fishing!! (Only 32 inches, this guy got tossed back to grow up.)
I've seen an egg grill, they look to be well made but can't imagine having one on a boat, houseboat with all of the deck space maybe.

Ron on Northern Lights II
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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post

just couldn't help myself....

I am a guy who occasionally gets away with something, but rather than tout some compromise solution is as "this is perfectly OK" I take the time to point out the issue, not hide it or bluster it up, which is all-too-common practice on this forum, which overall is riddled with a much higher percent of uninformed-to-bad-to-dangerous advice than any other I have been on. I came back recently and promised myself I would bite my tongue, calm down, and besides there is just not enough time to counter or question it all.

A good friend has one of the little Webbers that have been mentioned here, and it is also a great unit. It does very well with lower temps, like for fish. We are often rafted together and divide the food between the two grills depending on the temps we want to cook with. Only real downside I see to the Webber is that you need a way to mount it, and it will blow out
Back to topic: The Q120 I have is 8500 btu, 189 sq inches, dual burner (actually a circular affair) it is now called the Titanium. It gets plenty hot, well over 500 degrees, cooks great steaks and chops] I have had it in pretty windy conditions and no issues.


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Green Egg on a boat!

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Those Green Eggs weigh a ton. If that boat ever came to a brief stop. That green egg would be a flying projectile

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Try mounting that Green Egg on a rail, like the OP is requesting, and watch the looks you get from your fellow boaters! It looks like some alien cocoon waiting to hatch!

Welcome back, caltecflanc. We're not perfect and, like life, you sometimes have to wade through some pretty thick muck to get to the juicy parts.

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Originally Posted by Bay Pelican View Post
Over ten years with a regular Magnum (propane rectangular) looks brand new (always covered) and wind has not blow out the unit yet. The grill is located on our aft deck and we always have the bow pointed into the wind so that may protect the grill from high winds. We have replaced the regulator and the propane feed element.
This is the key!!! KEEP IT COVERED!!! Mine is 7 years old and still works fine. But I did invest in the sunbrella cover and it has obviously served well. I have the rod holder mounts that are always on the transom. Amazingly it gets a lot of spray back there(planing boat) and still the grill performs well. I have had to replace the regulator but that is probably to be expected after that amount of time. Anyway, whatever you buy get a sunbrella cover is worth the investment.
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Click image for larger version

Name:	ForumRunner_20140301_075255.jpg
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Love it.

Had the first one mounted.

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I have the Dickenson, "Sea-B-Que" and love it. You can order it directly from them in Canada and get it for less. I ordered their new pedistal and had to reinforce it. Not a great design but the pit is great. Large enough for a party and hot enough for anything so be careful not to burn the fish. I went to Home Depot and got a hose and connections from Weber Grills and was able to connect a 10lb tank for pennies.
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Dickenson rocks! We have the fitting that slides into a fishing pole holder and use it at anchor all of the time and can then stow when underway.

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