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Anyone tried "Freeze-It" stuff

Has anyone tried the "Freeze-It" type rusted fastener remover spray, vs: penatrating oil sprays? I have a difficult project coming up this winter but I need a proven product.
Also, might be handy to have on board anyway. I recall having to take a long trip in to walk-in medical center to have my hand sprayed with a similar product in order to have a large fish hook pushed through my hand to cut the barb off & remove.

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Just want to follow this thread. I've been meaning to try it. The logic is good. You heat the hole to expand it or freeze the bolt to shrink it. Either way the bolt gets looser.

Parks Masterson
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I have experience with removing "stuck" bolts using the method. With most threaded fasteners the male and female threaded components will have different coefficients of thermal expansion (contraction). By thermall shocking it you may free up a stuck fastener. I have had success on bolts by directing a fine stream of refrigerant at the bolt to cause it to contract while minimizing exposing the adjacent female threaded mass. I do not use any purpose designed refrigerant...I use a can of Dust-Off (compressed gas keyboard/electronics cleaner) INVERTED so the liquid phase sprays from the red straw tip provided. It will "burn" your skin with direct exposure for more than a couple of seconds and will do the same to your corneas even quicker so wear adequate eye protection. I have also used the same spray to freeze ID components while heating the OD components in a interference fit situation...such as insertion of bearings. You can buy it by the case for dirt at any office supply house.

BTW Parks...I think your name would be the ultimate stage name for a playboy soap opera character.
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