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Point well taken. My only defense, I was on the boat when they took the picture.

I don't completely understand how to link to a GoogleMap image all centered up and zoomed in. When I try my link, I get an image that doesn't show my boat. this is zoomed out considerably. Then in about 3-4 seconds I get my original zoomed in shot with functional zoom and scan buttons. Did that work for everybody? It works for me. Ass/u/me ing that it works, Here is what I found for Swampu's boat. It took me a while to find the bottom image within the top image. I guessed the boat at 68' or what ever, it had to be biggest in view. Then I realized the boat is perfectly centered in both images.
Biloxi, MS - Google Maps

Does anybody get the zoomed image?

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Originally Posted by Giggitoni View Post
This is what we look like in Google Maps.
That's really good resolution. Bellingham is not that good yet. How did you do the screen grab to end up with a shot you could post?

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Google buys it’s overhead screen shots. The state of Fla is very active in overhead photography since we don’t have a income tax and they are looking for reasons to increase your property tax. The Google earth image of our house is just a few weeks old.

Google street view is a different matter. They got us with our new car just a few months ago. I saw their van driving down the street and just barely avoided being in the picture by ducking back inside.

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Originally Posted by Marin View Post

How did you do the screen grab to end up with a shot you could post?
I snatched the images from my iPad. Once I composed the shot on Google Earth I held the "power" button on top of the iPad and pushed the "home" button on the bottom front of the iPad together. The iPad will capture the image and store it with your other photos in "camera roll".

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I had no idea the iPad could do that. I guess that comes from not reading the instructions. Thanks much, I'll try it.
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[QUOTE=Capn Craig;118872]
Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
Craig, what colour is/was your jag, and which finger are you in the middle of - the boat that is...?


Glad to hear you stayed out of the fire. Boats burn hot, and they get packed together like cord wood. Scary thought.

My boat is third from shore on the farthest dock to the right. It comes up in the middle of the image at least on my 11" Netbook. My Jag was silver. If you pan the image to the left and up, It is the second car from the left. Parked facing the river.
Gotcha Craig. Yes, my boat was far enough away not to be affected. It will set the marina back fora bit thought.
What happened to the Jag..?
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Okay, so tried what Ray suggested and here are the results.

Wide shot is part of Squalicum Marina in Bellngham. North is at the top of the screen. This shows the west basin which contains the larger commercial fishing boats on the right, the private boathouses in the middle, and open recreational moorage on the left. It also shows part of the newer and larger east basin which is all recreational moorage.

The long, half-empty dock inside the beakwater is G-dock, the outer half of which was badly damaged in strong northwest winds several years ago. Storm winds typcially come from the southeast-southwest.

The dock between the shore and the first row of boathouses is the Grand Banks charter/sales dock. They have GBs from 32 to 52 feet here.

The cluster of large, white-roofed buildings upper left is Bellingham Cold Storage and a couple of fish processing companies., BCS imports and exports all sorts of comodities, including fish and crab, to Russia and other countries on the other side of the Pacific. The ships come in to the pier outside the breakwater alongside the far left building.

The row of white-roofed buildings right of center are the "web lockers," two-story buidlings the commercial fisherman can rent space in for their nets, seine gear, crabpots, etc.

The boathouse farthest out on the main dock is the one that burned this spring destroying all 20 boats in it and burning a liveaboard couple to death who were trapped in their boat.

Our boat is near the end of F-dock which is the next dock in from G. We are on the bay side. In the closeup shot it is two slips in from the end with no boat sharing the slip. These shots show the old 40' wooden docks, the last ones in the marina. Over the winter F and G docks were removed, the entire area dredged, and new 45' concrete (floating) docks put in their place. F-Dock got a little longer but we are back in the same relative slip, two from the end.

All the slips on F-Dock are full now. They just opened G-Dock up the first of this month and it is filling up fast. I'm told the waiting list for 40' and larger slips is now about four years.
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The marina I was at several years ago had a fire in the middle of winter that claimed several boats. That was caused by kids breaking into the first boat to have a pot party with candles. The pot must have been good because they didn't realize they set a fire with the candles until it was too late. Claimed 4 boats.

My Jag went away this past summer when I traded it off. It was a love/hate kinda car. When i got rid of it, it needed new catalytic converters that cost more than the car was worth. The air conditioning crapped out again. Last time was a bit over a year before. Problem was with the controls behind the dash then. Cost to fix $1800 including a salvage control module I bought on Ebay for $250 instead of $1700 for a new one. The cost of Jag parts made boat parts seem very cheap. During my 7 years of owning it, It more than its' fair share of issues. There was usually a cost effective fix if you knew where to look, but the time it took to find the cost effective route was huge. I loved the car styling but that only lasts so long. I don't miss it much. It was kind of like a Ex wife looking far hotter on your wedding day than the day the divorce is final.
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I've seen satellite pix of both my boat and the back yard at my house. Good thing they didn't catch us naked in the yard! I certainly hope they edit those out.
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Quad copter...Great way to get pics of your own boat.
Aboard the DeSmet on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park on Vimeo

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