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I have quite a bit of experience going to sea on up to 400 foot vessels...I know that even those little toys are in a different class than the vessel in question and what she can/can't handle. Without experience on this size vessel, I could begin to think I would have relevant input to the crew.

I have a feeling this might be similar to the El Faro incident in that the exact location, size and intensity of the storm from the onset was considered "skirtable" by a vessel of this class. Not sure of any more details than that. Trying to go through one side may have been universally agreed upon...right up until the point where the size, intensity and location decided to surprise a few folks.

It would be hard for me to believe the cruise lines don't have their own forecasters on staff or on believing what the local Ch 6 guy says doesn't hold much water with me over what the cruise lines would have access to. To say a storm is going to form somewhere over the Atlantic over the next few days...and weather planning for ship routing is 2 different animals.

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Having been in a full gale on a Holland America ship crossing the Tasman I am sure they know exactly what is coming. I read it into the Captain`s reports, it`s more what they don`t say. I figure they make a point of not telling the pax of bad weather coming, to not create anxiety, and let the deteriorating conditions tell the story. Hanging wads of vomit bags in the stairwells is an unmistakable indicator .

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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
People operating boats and planes, prefer to be in control. That's why I "sign off" when on a plane or ship where I'm not in command.
I don't ever sign on when on a plane. But I can't sign off on a ship. We go on fishing charters and I'm still very connected to the boating aspect of it. But then I walk into a store or restaurant and see things from a business standpoint they could improve. I keep quiet. I guess perhaps I can sign off 70% or maybe 90% but there's a part of my brain that won't sign off.
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I have a hard time believing 160 knots. The ship is in too good of shape for that IMHO.
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On a cruise aboard the "Radiance Of the Sea' in the Caribbean some years back when the weather forecast was such we were diverted to Aruba and airlifted to Texas. Good call. Perhaps not if the continuance resulted in this Video contained in the article.

North Sea video shows EXACTLY what it is like to be on board a ship during a storm | Daily Mail Online

We all have had similar situations in relation to our respective boat size and size of the seas, Not friendly.

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