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Can't say the media is good bad or indifferent today vs 50 years ago but where we get our news is a very different place. Today's media seems largely focused on opinions rather than facts. Opinions via Twitter, Facebook, Drudge or Rolling Stone are the "real news" with dailys such as FT or LATimes relegated to the dust bin.

Look no further than how the mainstream had Peyton Manning dead and buried, then they played the game yesterday. Or Tesla is the car of the future and now they are fighting for financial survival if one believes Bob Lutz. Or manipulating global warming data is not the story, global warming is. I could go on and on.

Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him. Certainly not hidden in the likes of Brian Williams or Dan Rather. Good luck Angus in trying to stand up for the good ones, who are they?

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Originally Posted by MurrayM View Post
Well...Mrs Roper was some kinda hottie who single handedly put the Hubba-Hubba back into Moo-Moo's, I'll give you that!

There was another woman on the show besides Chrissy?

Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him. Certainly not hidden in the likes of Brian Williams or Dan Rather. Good luck Angus in trying to stand up for the good ones, who are they?
Mostly the ones nobody ever hears of because they aren't interested in being household names--just in doing their jobs well. There's a tendency to confuse "the media" with the purveyors of infotainment . . . high-profile anchormen/women or idiotic, loud-mouthed TV reporters . . . and overlook the fact that the vast majority of actual news professionals work in obscurity and aren't seeking to become the news. It's like assuming every person in business is a Donald Trump.
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I think the media has definitely changed over the years and attribute that to the competitiveness of their marketplace. In US television news reporting, there was one moment that really impacted the industry. In 1986 Fox was launched. In the mid 90's, Fox became an owner of TV stations. Amazingly, at that time, there was not believed to be any space for a 4th network. Local news was ingrained, with many of the newscasters long time staples in the markets. So, you got a new style of reporting. Sensationalism. Rush to be first. Scoops. You got the start of a combination of News and Entertainment and the blurring of the lines. Amazing inroads were made quickly by the upstart news broadcasts. The other stations gradually followed.

I remember as a kid the part that bothered me most. The rush to the scene of the wreck, the showing of the cars, sometimes before relatives even knew. If you tell me two cars hit head on both going 60 mph, I don't honestly need to see pictures to grasp how bad that is. Apparently many do though. And my absolutely pet peeve today is sticking microphones in front of someone who has just suffered a huge loss. They would cut off live tv quickly when I told them what they could do with the microphone and their question. Someone just lost their family member and you ask them how they're feeling about it? How the h... do you think they feel?

You do have a bit of another change recently. TMZ, Deadspin, Entertainment Tonight. Some call it National Enquirer comes to TV, but I think that's an injustice. With all the dazzle and promotion and Hollywood spectacular nature, they are also coming up with stories other sources aren't. We are learning more. Are we better off for it? That's definitely debatable.
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Regarding news, I read an article in the Miami Herald perhaps twenty years ago that deeply affects the way I perceive "news" ... It's here:

Written by a lady on turning 90 years old, well, read it for yourself if you wish.

I'm right there with BandB regarding shoving a microphone in someone's face at times of tragedy. How do you feel?!? Watching someone else's pain does not leave me with a good feeling.

That said, the Blood & Guts news broadcasts do have an appeal to some. I wonder if the insensitivity are a direct result of those who watch broadcast media on a regular basis? I don't -- indeed got rid of the television in 1993 so yes, I am a dinosaur.

Still, when I watch "entertainment" I am appalled. How can any of those course shows be hits? Has the world plummeted so far from the one I enjoy via old movies such as Roman Holiday and others from yesteryear?

Okay, I'm in my own world afloat. It is a good world and I love it. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Ice Age, Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson, Holiday Inn and others (Firefly and Serenity, Star Trek Voyager and When Worlds Collide) well, I like that sort of thing. And even Captain Ron once in a while.

News generally is not news. A car crash is not news to anyone except the victims.

Stepping off my soap box. Caress, in case you're curious... (Have to smell good, don't 'cha know?!?)
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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I know the thread is a lot about the media, but I am more puzzled about the event itself.

I saw on some reports that it was the Yuculta rapids, and given the notes about Sonora and Stuart Islands that makes sense. I also saw a report that they hit a rock off Jimmy Judd Island, which ties in (you can see how easy it would be to be swept onto the rock in Gillard Passage).

Now the big question is what on earth they were doing running the rapids on a big flood. It looks like it would have been about an 8 knot flood. I learned that is not a sensible thing to try day or night! Small wonder they might have been swept onto the rock off Jimmy Judd.

Very lucky and great news it turned out ok.
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I saw a report many years ago that said most people watch the News to see how bad other people's lives are. Sort of "I'm glad I'm not that guy..."

Debra watches the news to see how often Orlando / Florida is in the news, since it seems that Orlando has to be on CNN / HLN every day, doing something stupid! If it isn't missing kids, murder or sinkholes, it's something else.

Disney: A human trap run by a mouse.


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