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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
I want an anchor that will reset every time when the tide and wind changes.
You're never going to find it because there are so many variables in anchoring that nobody can make that kind of guarantee.

We feel that we chose the best all-around anchor design available today but we're not so naive to think that it will never drag or never fail to reset if it's pulled out of the bottom.

We feel its deisgn and operating principle minimizes the chances of these things happening, but there is no way in hell we would bet on it never happening.

When we anchor, unless the conditions are so calm that a soup can full of rocks would hold the boat, we assume the anchor will drag or come out and not reset. So we plan accordingly. We use an anchor alarm and we have at least one written our plan for every bad occurance we can think of so we don't have to try to figure out what to do at zero-dark-thirty when we're tired.

There is, however, one anchor type that will do exactly what you want every time. It's called a Dock.

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Mr. BK. "Ah, but which brick?" This one!

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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
Ah, but which brick? Let`s start a new thread!
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Originally Posted by cafesport View Post
It's the chain that anchors the boat and the anchor that anchors the chain.
Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Chain is not an anchor but it can resist a small pull on the rode if lots of it is laying on the bottom.
Originally Posted by cafesport View Post
I think the star princess from post 3 plus all the tankers currently anchored outside of port Everglades for the last three days would disagree.
Originally Posted by SCOTTEDAVIS View Post
Oh cool, chain anchors the boat not the anchor. Well that makes things easy let me go pick up 2000lbs of chain and a brick and be done with this rat race.
I actually have first hand experience with this. But unfortunately no photos with me at the time.

I was the project manager for remooring eight floating ship hulks used as a floating breakwater. They were spread moored using 2.5" stud link chain purportedly connected to massive concrete weights. One of the vessels had been serviced approximately 5 years previously and had a few shots of new chain attached to the blocks with a diver.

Unfortunately the diver had used stainless steel wire to mouse the connecting shackles. The galvanic corrosion has sharpened the pins so much that all but one mooring had detached from the anchors. The ship was moored by the chains in the mud.

As far as which brick to use. I used 91 eight cubic meter reinforced concrete blocks and several 3.4 cubic meter blocks. Held for 12 years so far...
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There is nothing particularly wrong with anchor manufacturers testing anchors or automobile makers testing their products. The problem comes from trying to interpret the results. If the public could count on good test design and accuracy and honesty of the testers who have a huge financial stake in market branding and the test results all would be fine. So how many auto manufacturers have been caught and fined for lying about gas mileage or trying to hide potentially deadly defects? I don't completely disregard marketing but I do take it with(a critical view) and a large grain of salt. Maybe a given company sponsored test is honest but how is the public supposed to believe that. A judge or juror who has a personal stake or connection to a case is expected to remove himself from any participation and for good reason. If you want real testing all stake holders have to be completely isolated from the process.
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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
In the meantime, I will use my Bruce as my stern anchor this summer.
Richard on Dauntless in Ireland
What a terrible cross that must be to bear....cruising the coastline of Ireland and Northern Europe in the summertime with a BRUCE on your bow! How ghastly!!

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