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Originally Posted by GoldenDawn View Post
The David B has a Washington Estep engine, 3 cylinder, 100 hp - original 1928 I think. This is an amazing engine.

Here's a You Tube video of the start up and running.

Man that sure does bring back memories of working on my dads tugs in the late 50's thru into the early 70's. He had a bunch of engines like that, both Washington and Atlas. The last one he had was about 2 and half times the size of the one in the vid and still only 220 HP! Huge thing. I well remember having to go down and "oil up". The exhaust sounds better than the engine itself though. Great stuff.

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Thanks for the original post, and the information in the replies. Been a lurker, plan to go from Seattle north around May 1, we shall see. No fixed time schedule or fixed route, can take all the time we want. Anybody have any comments about staying or visiting for several weeks at either (or both) Thorne Bay and/or Sitka?

Best to All,
Bayliner 3388 w/ twin 4BT's 150hp

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If you have not cruised the west side of Vancouver Island youvcan judge. In my mind its as good as SE Alaska. Far closer and better weather. Lots of protected anchorags and deep inlets to explore. Whales, salmon and halibut are plentiful.
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On Thorne Bay, we were in there this summer. Nice people, good docks. It's placement is good, about 40 miles up from Ketchikan. At that point you can head up and around POW island, or cross Clarence Strait and get up to Wrangell. If you stop at Meyers Chuck on the way, get some cinnamon rolls....the best!
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I have 49 years of boating in SE Alaska and BC. Thorn Bay is a nice very little community and is a part of the extensive road system of POW. Sitka is larger (9000 souls), the old capital of Russian America, has seven National Monuments and many places to boat along the outside coast with the best sport fishing in SE Aladka.
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Oh Art me Irish Bro:

I do hope you have a great trip when you go.

I am sorry I cannot give any tips on where to go.

However, I will give you this tip.

Bear spray! Lots and lots of it!

Cheer mate

H. Foster

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