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Why would you want to intentionally represent you boat as something it isn't? Not just a boat of a different size, but a railroad engine? The first cue a horn signal gives you is to then look for some kind of visual confirmation, by eyes or by radar; with either, you then look and listen for something that matches, with as little confusion as possible. If I'm headed up the Hudson River, or towards a railroad lift bridge, or up the Carquinez Strait for that matter, I really want to know what's a train and what's not, without a moment of further confusion. Or I hear a horn that should belong to a big ship, or a low whistle that should belong to a land based fog horn, but can't find one. It may sound pedantic to all you weekend warriors out there, but it's no laughing matter when you are in a position of trying to sort out all sorts of conflicting input, particularly in a crowded and/or confined area.

We use the horns a lot for all their prescribed uses. On the Hatteras the compressor was OEM engine mount. For you guys who don't have occasion to do so, exercise them regularly. And carry a portable back up for last ditch use. The last thing you want is for it not to work when you do need it to work.


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That Morrow Bay report is a tragedy. The Coastie skipper is an LT mustang (up from the ranks), selected for command at sea, the change of command was held that morning, and the collision occurs at lunch! I'm assuming that in the USCG (USN, myself) as the Navy, if your ship runs into ANYTHING for ANY reason - you're relieved and done.

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Let's just say that I don't have a clue what the frequency or decibel rating of my boat horn is. It was supplied with the boat from Sea Ray.

I suspect that a company the size of Sea Ray would have an engineer or three that were familiar with the rules and regulations about the horn that was installed and that it would be in compliance.

Similarly, I have never checked the light bulbs in my nav lights to see if they are bright enough to be visible from the required distance. Nor will I. I have more important things to be concerned with on the boat.
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"Similarly, I have never checked the light bulbs in my nav lights to see if they are bright enough to be visible from the required distance."

Would be meaningless if you did.

The lamp is legal ONLY with the bulb it was tested with .

You must replace it with an identical bulb , or have the lamp re-certified at your expense.

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