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Scraping Paint
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Ain't boating interesting?

So I'm sitting here on our boat listening to 16 and it has been going off almost nonstop this afternoon with vessel-in-trouble calls on the radio. Mostly from Vancouver and Victoria coast guards. A number of "out of fuels," at least one "run aground," and a couple of "broke downs." But the winner of the "Give that Man a Master's License" award has to be (so far) from the fellow who called from English Bay with a broken down motor on a twelve foot boat with---- and this is what clinched the award for him----seven people in it. And, from what I gathered from his exchange in very broken English with Vancouver, no life jackets.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately if one is a fan of Chuck Darwin, there were plenty of boats in the area. Last I heard one of them--- from the name it sounded like a tug--- was approaching the boat to see if they could help them out.

Never a dull moment on the water in the PNW when the sun comes out.

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That's why we like winter boating - less idiots on the water. Last year we heard some idiot call in a Mayday INSIDE a marina. She was afraid they were about to run aground because they couldn't get their engine running.

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Master and Commander
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The PNW has no monopoly over boating misfortune and lack of good sense. Recent weeks in the SF area include sailboarders being swept out to sea, sailboat crashing on island, boaters in the water, boat dismasted, bodies floating in estuaries, engine failure, etcetera. Channel 16 helps to keep one on her/his toes.
Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Scraping Paint
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I should probably add that I was not trying to imply that Canadian boaters are more inclined to get into trouble than US boaters. It's just that where the boat is right now the reception is good from Vancouver and Victoria, not so good from Seattle/Port Angeles. I'm sure they're having their fun down south, too.
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Scraping Paint
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Originally Posted by bobofthenorth View Post
She was afraid they were about to run aground because they couldn't get their engine running.
That should qualify for an award, too, I think.
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Down here in the Abacos it is the rental boat people. "Wow Marge, is that a reef?" Also, I've never seen so many people operate center consoles at MWS. (maximum waking speed).
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Ch16 down here in eastern NC is 99% radio checks, requests for slow passes, and people crying about wakes. What does THAT say?
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Ch 16 is pretty boring here on Moreton Bay also. Does give me good radio checks for how far my radio can pick up from though.
However, although the following is kind of funny....

Originally Posted by bobofthenorth
She was afraid they were about to run aground because they couldn't get their engine running.

I can sort of sympathise, as early in our experience with our present boat, (like about the 2nd time out), we were caught one day trying to dock in an adverse wind where we had to abort out first approach, and back out to try again. At that time I was renting a berth which was just one removed from the end of the finger nearest the gate, and there is a sloping rock wall along the edge, and we had to loop in hard to starboard and go round to the far side of the berth to tie up. We lost way in the movement, and ended up in a position where I could not bring the bow or stern around and we were drifting relentlessly towards the rocks, about to touch any second. There was no way I would never call out on ch 16 in that situation, but I did call out - to a guy watching and looking at boats on the bank, and asked him to come down and take the end of an offered boat-hook and shove - which he did, and I was then clear enough to give her a burst hard over and head into the berth again, calling out my thanks as we went. That was the last and only time I have even really wished she was fitted with a bow thruster.
PS. (We have since bought a berth the other side of the finger, where we turn in to port, and come up against the berth, with starboard side to the berth, which is much better, as the pilot door is on that side also.)

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