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ABS? Fuel tank!?!?

Hi Y´all. I managed a few days at my summerplace in the middle of the Baltic sea ( Fårö, Gotland, Sweden) and I thought I´d launch my very first dinghy, an 8 foot Norwegian Pioneer and the 2 hp Yamaha manualy wind starter OB (I bought it when I was nine (9) years old) only it has a chipped gas/petrol tank. I suspect it is made of ABS soo... how to quick-fix this? Small whole only but still - what to use - epoxi? Must have hyperfast intel from the board, now...gasp..!
Cheers Jonas

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Few coatings are good for sealing gasoline. One is POR15 which will recoat the inside.
Such a tank sealer in use you would tape it up, pour in the gas tank sealer, rotate it around etc.. pour out the excess.

You would have to clean the tank good, like put in gravel, water, soap and shake it a lot.

Otherwise, you can use maybe JB Weld epoxy, or some other gas resistant epoxy, but it likely is only temporary fix.

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There are several "wet wing" airplanes that carry gasoline in the interior of the riveted aluminum wing, sealed with a black sealer applied as a liquid, sloshed around and dumped out. Google will give you lots of details. I'm sure there are some jet fuel tanks made the same way, in which case the sealer compatible with jet fuel would no doubt work with Diesel.
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I do not think the tank will be ABS as gasoline will wreck it. Do a google search.

I think you will find the tank is made of polyethylene, most likely high density polyethylene [HDPE]. Polyethylenes, all of them , are not good candidates for gluing of any kind without special techniques. They can be hot air welded, similar to gas welding except using hot air. Best is something like Nitrogen for a non reactive gas.
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