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I thought all the MKII's came with Perky 200HP. They could wallow up onto plane to 15-16 knots + because they were the lightest of the series.

The hull runs happy at 8-9 knots at a pretty lazy throttle setting, that brings the forefoot up just a little and settles down the wander. The boats with 200HP will plane (clean bottom, not too heavy) at 13.5 knots but won't stay on plane in a turn or chop. 14.5+ I found mine would stay up comfortably.

There is a technique that involves perfect conditions, perfect timing and a lot of luck for planning a lower HP Mainship, or so I've heard. You run hard an produce a large wake, then throttle back and let the wake catch up and then hit the throttles and "surf" up onto plane. Urban legend maybe, I had 200HP and 42" trim tabs so I just pushed the handle with the red ball

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No the Mainship II came with various engines. Standard was the Perkins T6.354 at 160 BHP. They also made several early ones (1979) with a 200 BHP Mitsubishi. After that probably 1981 they used the Perkins T6.3544 at 200BHP.
They were a little lighter but 16 knots was a stretch even with the later Perk. 9 maybe 10 with the Perk 160, 12/13 with the 200 Perk, maybe 14 if it was lightly loaded.
I also had 42 x 12 trim tabs and I could be "on plane" at 8 knots without doing any tricks to get there provided the water depth was at least 10 ft. After my repower with the Cummins 270 I could run with an almost flat wake at 14 knots (tabs up).

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