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I place a premium ($$$$) for vendors with integrity. Check them out if you can.

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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
I place a premium ($$$$) for vendors with integrity. Check them out if you can.
The vendor who never screws up gets high marks from me. The one that remedies any screw up they make or any problem promptly and fairly gets even higher marks. We learn far more about the vendor's integrity and ethics when there's a problem than when all goes well. And assuming they're all handling the same windlass delivered to them in the same box, some are going to arrive from the distributor or manufacturer with defects. It may be less than 1% for one product and may be 5% for another.

We use to always buy televisions at Costco because of their 90 day return for any reason policy. We never returned one. However, at one time across all brands of televisions, nearly 10% of new televisions had problems. That number reduces to 3-5% but then each time there's a new technology rises back. Now, if I had a problem, I wouldn't just get my money back, but I would take it in and get another, perhaps a different brand. I know some shop Costco for price but I don't find their prices so great. I do find their warranty to be so though. We also use to buy computers and tablets there. A high percentage of new computers and tablets give problems in the first 30 days and it's across all brands.

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Thank you Richard!
Parks Masterson
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I'm Amazon all the way, and agree with the above...sometimes willing to pay more for something through Amazon just because of their customer service.
I've been a Prime member for years, I think since it was introduced.
We buy all of our non-perishables via Amazon. Paper towels, toilet paper, pet food (cat and dog, dry and canned). Steel cut oatmeal, detergents, etc etc.
Friends say "Yeah...but after all that, you STILL have to go to the store!".
That's very true, but when I go, I grab one of the hand baskets on the way in the door, and I'm done in 10mins, rather than taking an hour or two of my time there.


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