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Boat Shows recommendations

I'm just starting down the road for a long term goal of getting a boat and enjoying the cruising lifestyle. Great Loop, ICW, and maybe Bahamas kind of stuff, not so much blue water. Sounds awesome, I'm hooked on the concept, but there is a lot to learn before that can become a reality. One thing I'd like to do is attend some boat shows and get more exposure to what is out there and what best fits my personal style.

Now, I'm wondering if you experienced folks can recommend what shows are the best to attend? I've been looking at Trawlerfest, but I get the impression that it might be quite small. It is hard to tell. I live in Arizona, so probably about the worst location possible. Unless there is something good in San Diego, location won't matter too much as long as it is in the US.

I'm sure that there are several options, but you guys will surely know which shows are best for what interests. Ideally, I'd love a show that has a pretty big display hall area with all the various boating related equipment as well as a large number of boats on display. I'm not interested in sailboats, and though it might be interesting to see megayachts, I'm interested in boats in the 35'-45' range.

Just looking for some friendly advice of where to start.

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The Ft Lauderdale Show in October and the Miami Show in February are two of the largest, both will have a good selection of just about anything.


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Welcome aboard the board, fellow GOT fan. Now, the fun starts for you...

'course, if the wife really likes a boat, and you maybe not so much, then you may well have to "hold the door"
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If you want more advice, tell us your budget, how many people for 90% of the time and how fast you want to travel.
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Welcome aboard! I second Keysdisease, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami shows. If you can only go to one of those, my choice would be Miami in February. There are actually two shows running at the same time. New boats on Virginia Key and brokerage boats on Miami Beach.
Parks Masterson
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The Miami boat show is huge, lots of boats and booths displaying any sort of boating electronics and other accessories you can imagine. I haven't been to the Ft.Lauderdale show but hear it is big too.

Trawlerfest, the one I went to didn't have a lot of boats but it was good to be able to meet and have time to talk to lots of trawler owners. Some good presentations on all aspects of trawlering too.
If you have time do both!
Good luck!
Steve W.
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Ok, great feedback from everyone. Thanks!

To answer the question from Pgitug, I'm not yet in the market for a purchase, so I don't have a budget yet. I'm still probably about 5-10 years out from starting to consider a purchase. As to the other questions, 2 people 90% of the time, and I'm thinking I have no need to exceed the typical hull speed of 7-8knots.

I've sort of preliminarily fallen in love with the N37 from Great Harbour (not to be confused with the GH37, which is also very nice). I love the design, although I understand it isn't for everyone. I am especially loving the shallow draft, which again I understand is a matter of much debate. I've read plenty in the forums here where people get pretty hot with each other regarding various boat designs.

Much can change in the next several years, I'd just like to keep learning about what is out there for boats and the various accessories and such.

Any opinions regarding the Bay Bridge or Annapolis Powerboat shows?

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