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Yeah, I have done the 8th AF Museum a couple of times. Will plan to go again. I have seen the B-17, B-24, and B-29. My grandson is in college now, but I have a picture of him in the pilot seat of the B-29 when he was about 2 1/2 yrs old. I hope he will treasure that when he is older.

Because the B-29 was pressurized, one would get back to the rear of the aircraft via a small tube through the bomb bay. Of course, no waist gunners on the 29.

I am in awe of what it took to win that war.

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Every year now for the last several they have had a fly in for vintage planes at old Naval Air Station Wildwood New jersey. They give rides for several days...something like $400 a pop.

I am treated to from several to dozens of low altitude flyovers by a B17 and B24 as they tend to fly up the beach and then down the ICW where I keep my boat....or something similar.

Always a thrill...hope another generation will carry the torch and the bill so they can continue. Living history is the best convincer that studying history is worthwhile.

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My dad was on an LCI(G) in the Pacific, Landing Craft Infantry-Guns (Close In Fire Support vessel) for D-Days of Saipan, Tinian, Peleliu, Angaur, Kerama Retto, Okinawa, and Ie Shima. He was a motor mechanic and they had the same two sets of 4 GM diesels, 4 per shaft, 1600 BHP, twin variable pitch propellers. When you see old footage of an invasion they were the ones firing salvos of rockets. When the rockets were gone, they rode along the beach firing 40mm, 20mm and .50 cal at resistance. God bless their generation.
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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Every year now for the last several they have had a fly in for vintage planes at old Naval Air Station Wildwood New jersey. They give rides for several days...something like $400 a pop.

The B17 we visited had rides for $400. Now it is $450. After I seeing the crew use a dolly to move out gallons of oil for the engines I was not complaining about the cost. Don't want to know what the fuel cost.

There was a family of four that got on the plane for a ride. Ouch money wise but one heck of a memory!

A lot of old guys were there getting rides. One was a B17 crewman, he was in iffy physical shape and I am sure that was the last flight he would make. I was talking to one guy who had some health problems. He had some slight shakes, Parkinson? and he knew time was short. He had sold his truck so he could go on a lifetime Elk hunt out west and he was getting on the B17 come he..ll or high water.

We went to see the B17 on both days it was at the airport. There was always a good sized crowd even though it was a rural airport. The crowd crew after the plane had gone on a few flights and circled the field.

I sure hope they can keep those planes flying. They need to keep flying...

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There are other 'survivors' around. Although they certainly don't look like LST325!

Here is one I know of:

There is one more on the west coast. But I cant find info now. Keep digging.
Good post!

This talk of airplanes reminds me of a visit the 'confederate air force' (now known as the Commemorative Airforce) made to Cape Cod a couple years ago.

The weekend was full of paid rides, and take offs and landings. My family and I just so happened to be driving by the airport when all three planes were lined up, getting ready to take off for the next airport in the agenda. First some small plane took off. Then the B-24 took off. The noise and racket it made while throttling up (flaps, ailerons, and all surfaces) were clanging and banging around. Then Whoosh it took off.
Then the B-17 spooled up. What an impressive machine (even 50 years later) Smooth, clean, almost silent, and then whoosh she was gone too! It was quite a contrast seeing the development of the different machines and their efficiency. Sort of makes me want to find a book about Doolittle's raid!
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If you had relatives that fought in or have an interest in the Pacific war, a visit to the National Museum of The Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX is a must see. Plan on at least a day and the surrounding town and winery's are fantastic also.

National Museum of the Pacific War
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Originally Posted by Moonstruck View Post
Docked at the Chattanoogal waterfront today. The very last remaining operational Landing Ship Tank in existance. She draws 7' unloaded, and would roll like a cheap date without a load of tanks in her belly.
I may be wrong, but I thought there was an LST on display in Muskegon, Michigan. Can someone else confirm or deny?

Bill Blask
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Yes there are two LSTs that remain, and one is in Muskegon, MI, docked on Muskegon Lake.

The history of this ship, how it got there, and the veterans that raised money and spent their time restoring her is on this website.

LST 393 - Home

It is now a museum as well as available for hosting local events. I play in the West MI Concert Winds, and we have played summer concerts on the upper deck.

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