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Shaft Length and Bearing Size?

Planning a spring/summer haul out, thinking of shopping list. Have 42LRC with Perkins 6.354T. Shafts are 1-3/8". Does anyone have reliable information on overall shaft length? If possible would like to order replacement shaft(s) in advance, probable Aqualoy 22. Need one shaft for sure but if price is right will do both. Will fit and face new coupling too. If I need to can wait until I pull, and measure and order, just afraid of delays.

Also see four sizes of DURAMAX CUTLESS BEARING (BRASS) - 1-3/8" (ID) X 5-1/2"(L) ...
Model # BOAT 1-7/8” OD
Model # BOLD 2” OD
Model # BOND 2-1/8” OD
Model # BOOT 2-3/8” OD

Would like to have four in hand, anyone know correct size? Can try to measure underwater if I have to.


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Maybe just shop around for the availability of shaft material to make sure they have enough in stock to cut the shafts for you. The length is pretty critical, so you want it right for your boat.

I have 1 3/8" shafts and this was the bearing size on the box that the new bearing came in 1 3/8" X 2" X 5 1/2".

Larry B
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Larry, Thanks for reply. That is the Bold model. If I get one more confirmation, I will take the chance and buy those before my haul-out. Also now that I have that 2", will see if I can verify with some kind of gauge next time I dive. Agree on the shaft length is critical, has to be right. I was hoping maybe another 42LRC owner recently replaced theirs and had information or had an accurate measurement from shop work. - Jim
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Can't you measure the shaft diameter from the exposed shaft in the ER with a micrometer? Of course, that won't give you the length but it's one critical measurement.
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Shaft length may be unique to each (or some) of the LRC's. There are variations in manufacturing and typical practice when building a boat is to get everything (struts, engines, gears) in place then measure accurately for the machine shop.

Just make sure to line up a machine shop with the stock on hand and reserved for you. Then bring them the shafts for them to match up new with old.

Couplings and cutless are stock items and can be on hand within a couple of days (worst case) of an order.
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I have the Cat 3208's. I had a shaft replaced and new cutlass bearings when I purchased the boat. As I recall the 42's with the 3208's had the 1 1/2" shafts so the specs here may not apply to the Perkins that came with 1 3/8" but these are the specs I found in my receipts:

Shaft 1 1/2" x 16'
Bearings 1 1/2" x 2" x 6"

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