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Originally Posted by FryQ View Post

...What I do need help with is stripping all the yellow, nasty, hard as nails epoxy/varnish combo that's on a majority of the pieces we didn't get sanded and oiled already. Any recommendations for removing the old stuff?
Do NOT sand it off. Get a heat gun, not expensive, and good metal scraper, one of those 3 surface ones that do curves as well as flats. Use the heat gun to blister and soften the varnish, then use the scraper at the right angle to remove the varnish.Work in small sections. You`ll soon get the hang of it. Try it on something else that doesn`t matter, even a painted surface,anywhere, at home, Mother in Laws front door, etc.
You will have to sand at the end of the process before refinishing, but not too much. Overcomes the cost and dangers of strippers, easy and quick once you get it working.

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Hi, thank you for sharing your boat projekt TF.

You have a good recipe (beer and pizza) to get the enthusiasm to work with good attitudes. Can you say what stuffed pizza to get the same energy as you do?

Everything good for you for refurbishment and boating.


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I agree the heat gun and scraper worked well for me. I found using a drywall putty knife of appropriate size worked well for me. Usually takes it back to fresh clean wood. It does not take long at all to get the feel for it. It goes fairly quickly.

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