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Ideas Needed For Food Storage in Main Salon

Hi folks,

I have just acquired a Californian 42LRC, and would like some tips for adding food storage space. My last boat, a CSY 44 sailboat, had lots of storage space at or near waist level. This boat has large salon windows, so no storage above regular counter height. Most of the space below this level has pots and pans, etc. Besides using the hanging food hammocks, which I do have, has anybody else solved this problem (lack of food storage) on their boat? Californian owners in particular, please speak up.

Thanks, Bill

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Reevaluate what you need in pots and pans. Simply, if you have a turkey pan you use once a year and still want to keep it on the boat, find another place for it outside the galley. My boat suffers from a lack of storage in the galley also. Clearly the stuff you use frequently needs to be there, maybe not some of the other stuff. Also if you carry spare or emergency food (canned, bottled liquids, beverages), maybe some of that could be moved to a different location. Lastly consider how much plates glassware and cutlery you have aboard or in the galley. Do you really need stuff for 8 people if it's just you and the admiral?


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We use the bilges for bottles and jars, write the contents on the end cap with an indelible maker pen. Tupperware sealed plastics boxes are good in the bilge too.
Just make sure it,s well packed and secure in case of rough water;
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Hey Bill, 42' getting small already? If not already done, the salon settee could be made into L shape with storage underneath.
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On our 48' MY we store many limited use things in other areas of the boat. Another rule is if it has not been used on the last few cruises then it comes off. You would be surprised what you really don't use compared to what you do.
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How well I recall the same problem, when moving all of our stowed provisions from a 37' sailboat to our C & L 44. Our first voyage after taking delivery was a 5 hr trip, during which time I had the genset running to power my skillsaw, so that I could make more shelving in the galley cupboards and the aft bilge. Those additions were sufficient to reduce the pile of excess stuff that was clutterring the floor of the main cabin. Since then, we have been more diligent in keeping the stowed foodstuffs down to what we really need. Ours has an L shaped settee, so nothing further was required.
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The Marshall 38's and 42's were all different. Depends on what couch and kitchen style they installed in the main cabin.

Most couches were custom built after delivery to the dealer. So there is no standard from boat to boat. Mine has a rap around built-in couch seating on the starboard side and there are 4 additional storage compartments under the couch seats and one behind the couch.

The kitchen is on port side with two storage cabinets, under counter and under the sink and a smaller storage cabinet under stove for pans. I added a shelf to the under counter cabinet to better utilize the space.

Canned goods and extra dry goods are stored in the couch.
Larry B
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Our 42LRC has a wrap around galley on the Stbd side... and the table/couch was taken out and are just comfortable chairs now. (previous owner got tired of running into the table after a few too many scotches). Fortunately this design gives lots for storage for foodstuffs and pots/pans have lots of space under the sink. There is an additional cabinet on the port side in line with the galley that holds even more...

we had thought of moving the fridge to the port cabinet and turning the cabinet it is currently in into drawers, but have not gotten there yet.

additionally, since the v-berth head has a shower that only works for Popey's girlfriend Olive Oyl (way too skinny!) we installed a set of shelves and that is our dry goods "pantry" now.

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For what it is worth we used plastic storage bins on the v berth. It is never used anyway (at least not for sleeping). FYI 35' trawler.
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We also use plastic bins for expanded storage. We even refer to it as our pantry. Chips, bread, nuts, and other dry goods get stored in the fwd cabin. We have bunks, so they work well as shelves. The fwd cabin has become our walk-in closet/pantry.

We have some great dry storage in 3 distinct sections under the amidship stateroom bed, but find it awkward to tip up and hold the mattress every time we need something. Those areas become long term storage for seasonal items.

I'm impressed with the many storage areas in my little 34 ft LRC, but I give up additional seating for it in the galley up design. That's OK by me though. It drinks 6, feeds 4 and sleeps 2...just the way I like it.
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Originally Posted by tmiller1116 View Post
Additionally, since the v-berth head has a shower that only works for Popey's girlfriend Olive Oyl (way too skinny!) we installed a set of shelves and that is our dry goods "pantry" now.
I never could figure out why they bothered putting a second shower with glass door enclosure forward. I used it exactly once. . . . You drop the soap, you have to open the shower door, get out of the shower, to pick it up!
The space was designed for a stacked washer/dryer, which I never got around to installing. For the last 30 years its held, fishing poles, tackle boxes, net, and small step ladder.

Larry B
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