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Fresh water system

Have just purchased a 1989 48' Californian and am new to the liveaboard community. The previous owner (for whatever reason) never used the on board fresh water system. At this point the tank is empty an am looking for the correct procedure to pre-clean and fill. Are there any valves between the fill point on the boat and the tank? Do you have to prime the pump? if so how? What solution should be added to flush/clean the tank? Any other questions i should be asking?

Like i said i'm a newbie!!

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Mr. AJH. There are numerous threads dealing with water systems that explain the procedure much better than I can but before you start THAT process might I suggest you fill the tank with just water first. IF there are any problems you'll only be dealing with water and not the conditioning solution.

This will be an excellent exercise in "bonding" with your new mistress. This may be a 2 person job initially. Put a hose in the fill pipe and turn it on. Immediately look at and listen to as many bits and pieces of the water system you know about and have access to. Look and listen for any leaks. Trace out all your water lines and make a diagram including any valves or unions/joints.

The water pump may or may not need priming depending on it's location and the length of time it has been out of service.
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Peggie Hall who may chime in here, recommends the following procedure:

There should be no valves in between the deck fill fitting to the tank. Fresh water pumps should self prime when you energize the pump and open a faucet. Air will blow out for a few seconds until water begins to flow.

Make sure that you rinse aluminum water tanks well. Aluminum will be corroded by bleach left behind but not significantly during the disinfecting period recommended.

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A few years ago Practical Sailer Magazine did extensive testing of how to clean a water system. They recommend Puriclean. I think it is bromine instead of chlorine. It causes bacteria Film to come off the tank walls where it can be flushed out. Chlorine just kills it.
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