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Wet Exhaust

Originally Posted by kchace View Post
You should check everything. You could have a leak in a hose, connector or even the exhaust mixer. This is critical stuff. If you don't know the condition you should take some time to inspect it all.

Yes, we will be checking everything...thanks

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Wet Exhaust

Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
To spell it out, if exhaust gas is escaping into the boat,the danger is carbon monoxide poisoning. My mechanic was very concerned the day we spotted an exhaust gas leak associated with the turbocharger, pure luck the gas could be seen as sunlight penetrated the right area of the ER. An ex Navy and submarine mechanic, he warned of the dangers, adding young children were at special risk. You definitely need to resolve it.
Odd how water can be the indicator. I had water drops for which I could not find a cause, eventually tracing it to a high mounted genset exhaust hose defect.
Funny thing is we noticed the water before the odor. The exhaust gases seem to stay in the engine room...(that we can smell), but the water is there every time we run the engines.

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Originally Posted by jkxtreme View Post
Thanks Capt Jon, I will inspect the clamps tomorrow. Are there rubber hoses connected to the exhaust muffler then run through the fiberglass tube or do they just use the fiberglass tube.
FYI... it's a Carver Californian that I believe was built in the Hatteras plant during the Carver transition. She's a 48ft, 3 stateroom, aft cabin boat. Engines are smack in the middle of the boat with access through a set of stairs in the galley.
No mufflers on our boat. Just the solid fiberglass tubes that went all the way to the transom. The tube was glassed to the transom.
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Get an endoscope. I was thinking aft shower sump but you said that was eliminated. How about a slow leak from aft shower supply lines.
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I wonder if this issues was ever resolved. I have a 1989 Carver Californian that is 48 f. I too get water in that area only after running the engines, and sometimes get exhaust fumes in the engine room. I suspected a leak in the exhaust tube but I had it inspected by two reputable local boat yards who claimed they found nothing wrong. One ex-detroit mechanic told me that on windy days exhaust fumes can be blown back into the boat through the exhaust then through the turbo or through the large vents on the side of the hull that open directly into the engine room. I discovered this to be true when my marina neighbor was grilling fish and I got his fish odor into the engine room. The other thing I discovered was that I can get water in two bilge areas if I am in rough seas. The water actually comes in through the bilge pump out through hull if a wave hits in that area. My through hulls are only about 8-10 inches above the water line. We proved this when sitting still and a fast boat went by throwing a huge wake. My boat didn't roll fast enough and water slapped the side of the boat right where the through hulls are located. Presto... water in the bilge which was perfectly dry prior to that time.
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jkxtreme,check if your bilge pump hose/outlet has a one way valve which no longer works.
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check valves in bilge lines

I have four bilge pumps that pump water directly overboard and none have check valves. I was planning to install check valves, and even bought them, but a couple people told me that was a bad idea. I think I'm going to install them to stop the water from coming in.
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I would first try to reroute the bilge pump hose to a higher elevation before dropping to the through-hull. This rise may prevent the sea water from entering the bilge.
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I have the Californian 55 CPMY with three staterooms. I have chased a couple fresh water leaks. One was under the port side wooden panel that my A/C unit sits on. Now I have a very tiny one forward of that. I can wetness but can't feel anything wet on the hoses.

I just replaced the Mid fuel tank from under the master bed. This tank is completely enclosed between the stringers with no outlet to the other bilges. I believe the fresh water tanks leaked as they are on top of the fuel tank. Those water tanks had been replaced before I bought her so I assume they neglected to dry the fuel tank area. So, with my aluminum fuel tank sitting in water for years, it finally perforated from the outside in. Tank replacement job was just completed in March. in the engine room centerline bilge pump, that area was accumulating fresh water to a small degree. I was stinky like it had been there a long time. I have only owned the boat since last summer. Sorry I got off track a little. I have access in several places in the master, hallway and third stateroom to see the shower sumps, shaft logs, strut attachments. We had to cut a new one centerline in the third stateroom to attach fuel hoses to the new tank. It ends up at the forward end of the bilge area that encloses the Mid fuel tank. That tank was 265 gallons and 150" long and extended from under my headboard in the master to under the floor in the third stateroom. Yours would probably be shorter. Keep water away from the fuel tank is the msg here.

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californian, carver, leak, water

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