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43 cpmy?

I might go look at one next week.
How does it handle seas and close quarter maneuvering?
This one has 3208s with 300hp each.
How is the engine compartment access? Through hatches in the salon floor?
Any trouble areas to pay closer attention to like soft spots?
Is the fuel tank under the aft stateroom bed? If so is it steel or aluminum and is leaking a problem?

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I've never been on a 43 but the 45 and 48 I've been on had the water tank under the aft cabin bed. The fuel tanks are probably on the outboard sides of the ER.

I was in a 48 Californian ER this month and it was quite roomy. Not stand up by any means, but easily accessible through the fwd steps to the galley or through 2 salon hatches. Hard to know what your tanks are made of without seeing the boat in person. We don't even know what year it is. We'd like to help, but we're not soothsayers. You've got to give us more information.

Generally, Californians are considered to be very stout, seaworthy and relatively dry coastal cruisers. Lots of slicing and flotation in the Carolina flared bow. The square stern can keep you busy steering in a following sea. Close quarters handling is good in my 34 LRC, but I've never driven a larger Californian. I've never heard complaints from a friend who owned a 48 CPMY. They have significant keels and exposed props to provide stability and maneuvering. The negative is that the running gear is exposed to the hazards of shallows and debris.

The Californian aft cabins are no different than many aft cabin models in that they can present some significant windage when maneuvering, especially if the sundeck is enclosed in isinglass and canvas. Of course, that can be used to your advantage, too.

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What brand CPMY?
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It's a 1984 Californian 43'. I think it is a 38' with the added 5' cockpit?
We plan to see it next week.
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Close quarter maneuvering with that boat is going to depend on what the wind is doing. CPMY's are much more affected by the winds due to all the sail area.
Mike and Tina
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Pau Hana is a 52' CPMY if the Kha Shing lineage. Our sundeck is enclosed, and flybridge is open. She has a deep keel, so windage isn't too bad.

Absolutely love the configuration for liveability and storage. ER access is via a hatch under the aft cabin stairs or salon hatches.
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Originally Posted by folivier View Post
It's a 1984 Californian 43'. I think it is a 38' with the added 5' cockpit?
We plan to see it next week.
I looked at a 43' once. I believe it was a Marshall built boat (that was right about the time Marshall bought the company back from Wellcraft) and it retained some resemblance to the earlier Marshall Californian 38' and 42' LRC's.

It still retained the ribbon mahogany interior, but all the exterior wood was gone, as was the salon helm station and the walk around decks aft of the main salon. The galley was down and it was powered with 3208's.

The aft cabin was quite large as it was gunnel to gunnel wide, which took away the exterior walk around deck. Looked like a very nice boat.
Larry B
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I have a 85' 43 ft californian.
It's got NA 3208's Head gaskets can be a issue on these otherwise good engines.
Engine room access is good thru the salon hatches.
Tanks were replaced before i got the boat with 2 200 gal alum. Access under cockpit.
Water tank under queen main salon bed 140Gal and 2 on each side 30each.
Not sure about the handling, only size boat I've owned. Docks well if you take your time and don't rush things.
We scuba dive with it regularly and troll for Dolphin in south florida.
Recently had a transmission go out. had it rebuilt and installed. Had shaft wobble but finally found it to be in the tran output coupling. Has TwinDisc 502's gears. Not available anymore so they have to be rebuilt. TD still has parts but quite expensive.
I like the layout of the boat. Good dive platform and fishing with cockpit.
Not a live aboard yet but who knows?

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Stevefon, sent you a pm.
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Saw that one yesterday. Unfortunately it had rot under almost all of the windows. We really liked the layout though. Now to find one in better condition.

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